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Thursday, March 21, 2013

2:00 p.m. -
Prior Express Consent - Smart Calls to Smart Phones!
John Culhane, Partner, BALLARD SPAHR LLP
Jeffrey B. Wood, Vice President & Assistant General Counsel, DISCOVER FINANCIAL SERVICES

Changes made by the FCC this past year have only heightened the need for debt collectors to gain prior express consent to make collection calls to consumers on their cell phones. Cell phone scrubs are never perfect, so join us for a session devoted exclusively to the who, what, when, where, why, and how of prior express consent. In this session, our speaker(s) will explain why prior express consent is important, what constitutes prior express consent, who can give it, when it need to be obtained, how it can be revoked, and whether it can be reinstated. Our speaker(s) will pay particular attention to how it can be given and will specifically discuss the pros and cons of written consent, statement notices, website forms, telephone key press, and verbal consent, with and without recordings.

2:45 p.m. -
Regulatory Crossroads: UDAAP and TILA
Charlie Shannon, CPA, Business Assurance Services Partner, MOSS ADAMS LLP

How do I audit fairness?

What steps do I need to take to ensure that my company is being fair to consumers from their point of view?

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has a renewed focus on practices that are considered unfair, deceptive or abusive as well as other fair lending guidelines. Patterns of activity can develop rapidly in products or services that may appear to qualify under the regulatory definitions for these practices. How can you identify risks and protect against painful and costly regulatory enforcement actions, Civil Monetary Penalties and the reputational damage that comes with these types of issues? Find out when we discuss best practices and practical management techniques.

4:30 p.m. -
Call Volume Harassment - Pitfalls & Solutions
Panelist: Justin M. Penn, Partner, HINSHAW & CULBERTSON LLP
Jason G. Wehrle, GROGAN GRAFFAM, P.C.

Better understand how federal and state courts define Section 806 as it realtes to call harassment claims, how best to defend against these types of claims and key operational strategies to mitigate creditor, collector and servicer risk and exposure.