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Columbia Financial International, Inc.
Publishers of The Columbia Law List, provides a comprehensive membership base of collection attorneys worldwide for collection agencies that need to utilize a legal means with which to collect their account receivables.
The law firms that make up our membership handle collection matters of all types (commercial & retail accounts). If you are searching for a collection attorney, please contact one of our staff members to help select the attorney(s) that best fit your needs.
We provide personalized service to help you select the right attorneys to handle your collection matters whether they are consumer, commercial, subrogation, transportation, bank card, child support or medical collections.

The Forwarders List of Attorneys
The Forwarders List is a directory of compliant, highly accredited, personally approved law firms who specialize in all aspects of collections. We provide vital information to creditors for referrals and help them locate the collection attorney to handle their portfolio. The Forwarders List also protects creditors against attorney theft with its Bond Program.

Sponsoring Publications

Collections & Credit Risk
Collections & Credit Risk brings news and trends of strategic and competitive importance to collections and credit-policy executives who are driving the collections industry's growth and diversification in both commercial and consumer credit. These executives work for financial institutions, insurance companies, collections agencies, law firms and attorney networks, health-care providers, retailers, telecoms and utility companies, manufacturers, wholesalers, and government agencies.

American Banker
American Banker is the leading information resource for the banking industry. Providing exclusive news coverage and commentary, feature and analytical articles, data applications and special reports, American Banker puts information in context both in print and online at Market segments covered include national and global issues, mortgages, consumer finance, legislation, investment products, card and payment systems and technology.