Court Shuts Down Two Fake Collection Agencies
A U.S. district court in Miami has temporarily shut down a fraudulent debt collection operation that deceived thousands of Spanish-speaking consumers nationwide and attempted to collect money they didn't owe.
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A group of defendants will pay approximately $10 million to the Federal Trade Commission to settle charges that they operated a massive scam. more »
Immigrant reform advocates want an Arizona judge to block two laws that have been the legal foundation for raids on businesses and the arrest of immigrant workers using stolen or fake IDs to get jobs. Supporters of the laws say ID theft victims can run into many problems as a result, including obtaining loans. more »
Consumer litigation against debt collectors jumped in September after an August slowdown. more »
A New York federal judge erred in ruling a collection agency did not violate the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, an appeals court ruled Thursday. more »
Legal and Debt Recovery, an Orange, Calif.-based collection agency, and the agency's legal counsel, D. Scott Carruthers, have been issued a cease-and-desist order by the Idaho Department of Finance. more »
Kirit Patel, the owner of a company that purported to be a collection agency, has pleaded guilty to four counts of mail fraud and wire fraud after allegedly bilking consumers out of more than $5 million. more »
ACA International, the largest trade group for the credit and collection industry, issued a statement Tuesday regarding the regulation of debt collection attorneys’ litigation activities. more »
The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit has issued an unpublished opinion in Lynn v. Monarch Recovery Management Inc. that supports a ruling that the agency violated the Telephone Consumer Protection Act. more »
The company attempted to claim tribal jurisdiction to avoid enforcement action. more »
The order is part of a settlement with the company's owner in an unrelated fraudulent payment processing case. more »
The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau responded Friday to collection law firm Frederick J. Hanna & Associates' motion to dismiss a lawsuit that charges the firm with operating a collection lawsuit mill. Parts of the response likely will draw the collection industry's ire. more »
Online payday lenders operate a Wild West marketplace full of financial fraud and consumer abuses, according to a new report released by the Pew Charitable Trusts. more »

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