Appeals Court Settles NYC Debt Collection Law Challenge
A New York City law regulating collections doesn’t have more power than the state's authority to regulate the industry, the New York Court of Appeals ruled Tuesday.  more »
The CFPB updated database includes more than 7,700 consumer narratives of problems faced when dealing with financial companies - including collection agencies and credit card issuers. More than half of consumers who have complained since March chose to share details. more »
Debt collection litigation is not following any particular pattern this year. The only certainty is that Telephone Consumer Protection Act litigation is having a really bad (or, good, depending on your perspective) year. more »
U.S. v. Adrian Rubin, filed recently in federal court in Pennsylvania, ought to be required reading for anyone studying the history of online payday lending. more »
The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau released letters Monday asking major search engines Google, Yahoo and Bing to work with state and federal regulators to crack down on scammers targeting student loan debtors. more »
A judge ordered a Michigan hospital to pay more than $2.7 million as a result of a lawsuit involving plaintiffs who loaned the hospital money. more »
The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has fined a medical debt collector and ordered the company to provide financial relief to consumers for mishandling credit-reporting disputes. more »
The CFPB on Wednesday sued an auto loan firm for aggressive debt collection tactics against service members. more »
Six months after rolling out new collection rules requiring collectors to - among several measures - produce loan documents or a court judgment upon request, New York regulators on Tuesday released more guidance. more »
The Federal Trade Commission and the New York Attorney General’s office gave presentations on collection issues, existing laws and the enforcement of fair practices. more »
A city of Los Angeles lawsuit accusing Wells Fargo & Co. of opening bank accounts without customers' permission in order to reach sales quotas should be heard in federal court, according to the bank. more »
The FTC has provided its Annual Financial Acts Enforcement Report to the CFPB on enforcement and related activities regarding key industry regulations. more »
Debt collector James A. Havassy and his company, Hamilton Law Group, are defendants in a lawsuit alleging they intimidated family members into paying medical bills. more »

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