College Students Are Low on Credit — Tech Startups Want to Change That
Students used to leave college with two artifacts of their first experiments with credit — free T-shirts and, for better or worse, a credit file. Today they are leaving without either.  more »
"Universities are the new Ellis Island," said Kalpesh Kapadia, chief executive and co-founder of SelfScore, which aims to extend credit to foreign students in the U.S.
The expansion of Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act is reducing medical debt in collections for some low-income consumers, according to a study from the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER). more »
The Department of Education wants to make student loan payments easier through the launch of a single Web portal for federal student loan borrowers. more »
The Coalition to Improve Credit Education, a group that will focus on policy issues involving helping consumers understand how they can improve their credit reports and scores, launched this week with the support of more than 20 community development, financial literacy and minority leadership organizations. more »
A Las Vegas-based collection agency has filed more than a thousand medical debt collection lawsuits against St. Louis area residents since the end of 2014. more »
Foreclosures filings fell in the first quarter to the lowest level in more than nine years and foreclosure activity dropped below pre-recession levels in more than one-third of major metropolitan areas. more »
Young college graduates, including those who are still paying off student loans, are more likely to buy a home than their peers who did not go to college, according to a report from Navient and Ipsos. more »
U.S. bankruptcy filings for the first quarter ended March 31 fell 5% to 195,565 compared to 205,851 in the same period last year, according to the American Bankruptcy Institute and data provided by Epiq Systems Inc. more »
Rising home values continue to provide consumers with a strong incentive to keep up with their home-equity loan payments. more »
The FTC has closed the book on a fraudulent debt collection scheme that processed payments for payday loan debts they didn’t owe. more »
Hammond-Henry Hospital in Geneseo, Ill. filed a seven-count lawsuit in Henry County (Ill.) Circuit Court alleging breach of contract by collection agency Allied Business Accounts, doing business as Health Care Billing Services. more »
"We kept seeing borrowers … severely impairing their balance sheet" by going to online lenders, says Pat MacKrell, CEO of Excelsior Growth Fund (left). Flushing Financial CEO John Buran says he hopes a new Excelsior program will bring more small businesses back to banks.
Bankers are warming up to a program that aims to improve the credit profile of entrepreneurs while giving banks a new way to compete with online lenders. more »
Rising delinquencies in subprime auto lending predictably have drawn comparisons to the mortgage meltdown of nearly a decade ago. more »

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