Cramming Charges Could Lead to $105M Fine
Sprint Corp. likely faces a record $105 million fine from the Federal Communications Commission over unauthorized text messages and other services charged on customers' cell phone bills.
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WELL RECEIVED: "It appears from my vantage point that there's support for this, regardless of bank size or charter," said Cary Whaley, ICBA's vice president of payments and technology policy.
Two years after the demise of a proposal to speed up U.S. electronic payments, a revised measure now appears likely to be approved by the banking industry. more »
The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau published a notice last week in the Federal Register proposing a boarding form to streamline how company information is collected. more »
The Federal Trade Commission has approved an order resolving allegations that Google Inc. unfairly billed consumers millions of dollars for in-app charges incurred by children without their parents’ consent. more »
Target Corp. must defend itself against claims that its failure to shield computer systems allowed hackers to steal the account data of millions of shoppers, forcing banks to reimburse fraudulent charges and issue new credit and debit cards. more »
An Atlanta-based health billing company and its former CEO settled Federal Trade Commission charges that they misled thousands of consumers who signed up for an online billing portal. more »
In South Africa, debt collectors have been dealt a major setback with new legislation requiring that any debt more than three years old cannot be pursued for collections. more »
Preventing and managing data breaches are two of the highest priorities facing businesses. To help executives plan ahead, Experian Data Breach Resolution has released its second annual Data Breach Industry Forecast, a white paper outlining key issues and trends to watch for in 2015. more »
Target Corp. is asking a federal judge to throw out claims by banks that had to deal with the consequences of a data breach that compromised at least 40 million credit-card accounts. more »
A TransUnion analysis reveals consumers are moving to different homes at higher rates in the latter part of each year, suggesting that collection agencies might consider updating consumer contact information an additional time. more »
The U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of New York said Thursday that a voicemail message stating a call is from a debt collector, along with a return phone call where the voicemail message's intended recipient is disclosed to a third party, does not violate the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. more »
An Orlando, Fla.-based operation that allegedly bilked seniors by using pre-recorded robocalls to sell supposedly free medical alert systems has agreed to shut down to settle charges brought by the Federal Trade Commission and the Florida attorney general's office. more »
A federal court has ordered two debt sellers that posted the sensitive personal information of more than 70,000 consumers online to notify the consumers and explain how they can protect themselves against identity theft and other fraud as a result of the disclosures. more »

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