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Bill Allen

Chief Executive Officer

ALW Sourcing, LLC

Mr. William L. Allen, Jr. is the Chief Executive Officer of ALW Sourcing LLC, as well as its founder, and majority owner. Mr. Allen (Bill) brings a wealth of knowledge, entrepreneurship, and industry experience to his leadership position with ALW Sourcing.

Prior to launching ALW Sourcing, Mr. Allen served at the highest levels of the largest business process outsourcing vendor in the world, the NCO Group, and the most senior African- American in that world-wide corporation. Bill continues to serve as a senior consultant with this largest provider of accounts receivable management services to creditors in the world.

Early in his career, he learned the power of service-after-the-sale, by leading sales, marketing, and operations groups with Mobil Oil. The lessons learned there, a deep respect for the power of salesmanship, the value of a support organization, and his stellar rise with NCO, set the stage for his success with his ongoing ALW Sourcing venture.

A true entrepreneur, Bill lends his acumen to other business sectors, and community involvement is a recurring theme in those successes. Mr. Allen serves as CEO of A Friend of the Family, Inc.; a Delaware-based incubator for alternative learning programs. Through Bill’s leadership, the venture is growing and proves to be a viable business model, giving students, with special needs, a chance to succeed in the face of personal, environmental, and socio-economic challenges.

As a teacher, in his own right, Mr. Allen contributes to his community by instructing seminars on topics including salesmanship, consumer finance, business development, diversity in the corporate environment, and in marketing.

Bill Allen was featured in Business Week for his philanthropic activities supporting diverse communities of special-needs youth, and of African-Americans. Other acknowledgments of his leadership include, feature articles in the Baltimore Business Journal, and JET Magazine.

Along with his co-author, and wife – Dr. Kim L. Allen, Bill recently published a book – “It Flows Through Us”. The book communicates that the concept of “flow” – showing how the power of hard work and giving back – is within your grasp. This “First Little Book, on the Concept of Flow” presents a new dynamic in how giving back – generates great results, and greater happiness. The book was released in Spring 2011, and has tremendous reader, and critical, acclaim.