21st Century Insurance Review- Is it worth it

Introduction to 21st Century Insurance

21st Century Insurance has been in business for over 50 years and they are still strong today.  They have provided customers with different types insurances, including car insurance from safe driver’s discounts to state discounts. 

21st Century Insurance offers many discounts for people that live in California, and they have served the California area since 1958, helping people to save money and to be safe, fulfilling their driving needs.  California is the only state that 21st Century Insurance is offering new policies to at this time.  21st Century Insurance follows the policy standards and the laws for minimum requirements that are standard for the state of California.

21st Century Insurance offers many discounts for people that live in California, and they have served the California area since 1958, helping people to save money and to be safe, fulfilling their driving needs.  California is the only state that 21st Century Insurance is offering new policies to at this time.  21st Century Insurance follows the policy standards and the laws for minimum requirements that are standard for the state of California.

The safe driver insurance allows users that have clean driving records, with no fault accidents and no traffic violations to save money and to receive discounts on their insurance.  This helps those that have had a clean driving record for the last three years to have reduced rates on their auto insurance coverage, helping those drivers to save money.

They also offer courses such as “Defensive Driving Course,” for those that want to find new and better ways to save on their insurance.  These driving courses can help give peace of mind to the driver and teach them to be safe on the road.


Teen drivers can benefit from 21st Century insurance by having good grades.  If your child has good grades in school, 21st Century offers discounts because they believe that the child will carry their high achievement from their education to their driving, taking driving more serious.

Teen drivers can also have lower insurance costs if they complete drivers education.  Other discounts include multi-vehicle discounts, automobile safety feature discounts and more. 

Another great thing about 21st Century Insurance is that they offer insurance for people that are high-risk drivers, people that have had DUI’s and those that have major violations on their record.  This allows users that have a hard time to get insurance a way to be able to be insured.  They also offer insurance for those that need to file a SR-22.

Those that are looking for roadside assistance will be pleased to know that 21st Century offers free roadside assistance with many of their car insurance policies.

21st Century also offers other types of insurances through related companies.  They offer:  Home insurance, mobile and manufactured home insurance, flood insurance, motorcycle and ATV insurance, Antique auto insurance and boat insurance, flood and renters insurance, to name a few.

Getting a quote from 21st Century is easy and you can go online to 21st.com or call 1-888-535-9410 to get a quote on the phone. 

The website and the app allows users to pay their bills online, see their policy and other related documents, view and print insurance ID cards, and file claims online, without the hassle of having to speak to a representative on the phone.  21st Century Insurance claims are serviced by “HelpPoint Claims Services,” and they have teams that are specialized in offering services to their customers.

21st Century also offers a way that you can purchase insurance online, over the phone and through their mobile app.  21st Century Insurance does not offer businesses that you can walk in to to purchase insurance, and all of the insurance needs are done over the phone, allowing the company to save the people money.  The company has a motto that says, “Same great coverage for less.”

21st.com also offers a range of insurance information and driver resources such as information on purchasing auto insurance, explaining insurance features and deductibles and helping the user to understand the different types of car insurances and why they are important.  The site also offers tips for drivers, help when shopping for insurance and how to get the most out of your insurance policy.

Customer Reviews

NerdWallet rated 21st Century Insurance 15th out of 23 insurers, ranking it one of the best car insurance companies, with a 3.5 out of 5 star rating, for overall performance.  This insurance also rated high on J.D. Power ratings based on customer service, satisfaction of claims and the satisfaction of 21st Century offering different types of insurance. 

According to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, 21st Century Insurance has had less than the average complaints in 2017 compared to the size of the business and they have an average claim satisfaction rate, according to J.D. Power Study.  21st Century has a financial strength that is rated as “excellent” which means that the company can pay claims quickly and without struggle.

Many people love 21st Century Insurance.  One user said, “My experience with 21st so far has been nothing but great,” -Daniel E. 

Even though the insurance that is offered is good and there are a variety of low rate services that are offered, many people are bothered by the customer service.  Some feel that the customer service is unexceptional and that compared to other top companies, they feel that the insurance could offer better customer service.  The customer service rating, according to 10TopTenReviews is below average compared to other insurance companies and that when compared to other insurance companies, it was found that 21st Century ranks low when calling 21st Century, but that their face to face customer service is very helpful.  They also do not offer 24/7 live calling to an agent and they are not always available if something happens in the wee hours of the night.

People that are looking to have a personal agent needs to look further, but if you are looking for a company, and live in the area, that offers comparable rates, then this might be the company for you.

Many feel that the claim service with 21st Century is okay, and that other insurance companies are rated higher, with one of the biggest complaints that customers have is that 21st Century Insurance takes longer to pay their claims than other leading insurances. 

21st Century seems to be comparable to other insurance companies when basing the ratings on policy because they offer so many discounts and great rates that would be good for college students, teenagers and people that have different cars that they need to insure. 

ConsumerAffairs gives 21st Century Insurance an overall rating of 1.5 out of 5 stars, based on their lack of customer services, the issues that people have experienced based on their customer service experience and because the plans are not available to people in every state.  They rated the company with a high rating for fulfilling claims quickly, accident forgiveness policies, the low prices that bring the customers in, great roadside assistance and the huge savings for long time customers.

One customer gave 21st Century a 1 out of 5 star rating, being very disappointed that her rates went up after she had been a customer for over 20 years.  Her rates increased based on adding a 17 year old driver and when she called other insurance companies, she was able to get savings of over $1400 compared to what 21st Century was offering her.

Another customer gave 21st Century Insurance a 5 out of 5 star rating saying, “I used 21st Century Auto Insurance for over two decades.  In that time, I have had nothing but positive interactions with them.  Their customer service and agents are topnotch.”  -Juliet of Anaheim, CA.

One customer said, “21st Century has a smooth professional claims process.  Called the claims department, they took down the information and dealt with the other party.  It was seamless,” giving 21st Century 5 out of 5 stars.  -Holly of Menifee, CA.

Fred from Los Angeles, complemented 21st Century Insurance, noting that they were easy to deal with and that they seemed to be all about the customer, even lowering his bill when he explained that he did not drive the car very much.  The claims customer service even helped him to lower his bill by $300 a year, prompting Fred to give the company a 5 star out of 5 star rating.

Other customers rated 21st Century from 1 star out of 5, 3 stars out of 5 and , 4 stars out of 5 and 5 stars out of five, with the majority of the people being pleased with the reasonable coverage, the smooth claim process, the quick response when accidents happen, and the overall cost of the insurance.  The biggest complaints ranged from the company not covering all of the damages in an accident, the cost of cancelling the insurance early, the length of time waiting to speak to a representative or the fact that the representative was not available at all and some felt that the insurance was not detailed enough to understand what is really covered.


It seems that overall, most people were pleased with what 21st Century Insurance has to offer, low costs and fast claim processing and that the small details of live customer service agents and not having a brick and mortar business completes most of the complaints that customers have.  The

21st Century Insurance is part of the Farmers Insurance group, which purchased the company in 2009 and was formerly called “20th Century Insurance.” 

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