3 Best Payday Loans Companies in Kansas

Introduction to Payday Lending in Kansas

AmeriCash Loans

AmeriCash Loans is one of the most reputable payday loan companies not only in the state of Kansas (as well as just across the border in Missouri, too), but across the United States with more than a dozen offices in this state and dozens more throughout America.

Promising Kansas citizens an opportunity to get almost instant loans move for upwards of $2500 inside of just a few minutes (if they visit a local AmeriCash Loans office directly) – as well as the opportunity to get those loans directly deposited into their bank account inside of 24 hours, if they choose to go in that direction – this is certainly one of the most popular payday loan services in all of Kansas today.

Ease of Application Process

From start to finish, top to bottom, the entire application process for a payday loan through AmeriCash Loans is going to take you about 13 minutes regardless of whether or not you go through the application process online or choose to visit any of the physical locations we mentioned above.

You’ll want to make sure that you have your government issued ID ready to go, pertinent financial information regarding your income and your cash flow handy, as well as details regarding your bank account information if you want to go with the direct depositing service this company provides.

The more information you have available and close at hand the faster the process will go, but you should be in and out as far as the application process is concerned in less than 15 minutes flat.

Lending Limits

Payday loan lending limits in the state of Kansas have a hard limit of $2500, and that’s exactly what you have the potential opportunity to take advantage of through the AmeriCash Loans organization.

This company has more than 20 years of experience underneath their belt already and a fantastic reputation throughout the community, offering these kinds of loans quickly and putting as much cash as possible in the hands of their clients ASAP.

As long as you meet a handful of criteria you shouldn’t have to worry about being able to take advantage of the kinds of payday loan that can grant you upwards of $2500 in your bank account (or in your hand) inside of 24 hours or less.

Accessing Funds

Funds accessibility is simple and straightforward with the funds at AmeriCash Loans, too.

The ACH automatic direct depositing process works wonders for those that have a checking account or savings account already. This process takes a little bit longer to get you your cash, but you should expect a deposit for the full amount of your loan hitting your bank account inside 24 hours after approval.

You can also visit any of the physical AmeriCash Loans locations in your local area and go through the application and approval process, walking out of that location after your approval with cash in hand for the total amount of the loan you have been granted.

Customer Service

Just a quick look online shows you how great a job AmeriCash Loans does when it comes to customer service and support. This is easily the best reviewed and most highly regarded payday loan service in the state of Kansas.


Trustworthiness is never going to be an issue when you move forward with AmeriCash Loans. They have a sterling silver reputation with the Better Business Bureau, regarded as an industry leader, and have all of the licensing necessary to run this kind of business in the state of Kansas (and 11 other states throughout the US).

Advance America

Advance America is another of the most highly regarded a loan services in the state of Kansas, with a fantastic reputation for not only offering outsized payday loans and other short-term lending services to anyone and everyone that qualifies – but also making sure that their clients have access to the entirety of those loans ASAP.

With a number of locations situated throughout the state of Kansas (as well as more than three physical offices in Kansas City, Kansas as well as Kansas City, Missouri just over the border) – and other locations throughout the United States – this is very much a reputable organization you can trust moving forward.

Ease of Application Process

The application process for Advance America can be successfully completed inside of about eight minutes or so, and if you go through the process online you can expect a notification about your approval immediately after you conclude the application process itself.

Visit any physical Advance America location throughout Kansas to go through the same application process in person and you will be granted and approval notification if you get the green light instantly as well.

Lending Limits

The lending limits for payday loans provided by Advance America in the state of Kansas can go as high as $500.

That isn’t quite as high as some of the other payday loan services you can leverage throughout this state, but that’s because Advance America also makes Line of Credit short-term loans available to those that qualify for payday loans – and these can go as high as $2000.

That gives you a grand total of potentially $2500 in short-term lending cash from the Advance America organization.

Accessing Funds

The money that you have been approved for through Advance America can be accessed through a direct deposit into your checking/savings account (processed through ACH), can be handed directly to you – the entirety of the loan – if you go to a physical location, or you can ask for a prepaid Visa card loaded with your money as well.

Customer Service

Customer service and support from Advance America is top-tier and all of the reviews for this payday lender speak in glowingly positive terms about the way that they have been treated by this company.


Trustworthiness will be a problem with Advance America, either, as it is both licensed by the state of Kansas (and almost a dozen other states throughout the US) and has been certified as a CFCA Member as well.

Waldo Financial

Waldo Financial is a payday loan service in Kansas, certainly one of the best, and a bit more of a “local operation” compared to the other national chains that we reviewed above.

This company was started back in 1999 right here in Kansas City, Kansas and while they have opened up a number of locations throughout the state they continue to focus on making sure that they stay local so that Kansas citizens have the best opportunity to get the loans they need when they need them most.

Ease of Application Process

The application process for the loans through Waldo Financial is simplified and streamlined, and from start to finish you should expect the entire application process to take just a little bit more than 10 minutes.

Approval is granted immediately if you are given the green light regardless of whether or not you apply online, over the phone, or apply in person at any of the physical Waldo Financial locations you’ll find throughout the state of Kansas.

Lending Limits

The lending limits of the payday loans and short-term lending services available from Waldo Financial can range anywhere between $100 and $2500 or so, depending on a number of different criteria as well as how much money you actually ask for in your loan package.

Other lending services and financial solutions are available from Waldo Financial, too. Waldo Financial is actually Kansas City’s largest check-cashing organization and they also provide installment loans, lines of credit, and other financial packages through their nontraditional lending platform.

Accessing Funds

Fund accessibility is simple and straightforward at Waldo Financial (no surprise there).

Direct deposit through the ACH protocols into your bank account can happen inside of 24 hours, but visiting a local Waldo Financial location can put the entire loan amount in your hand as soon as you are approved. Prepaid Visa/MasterCard options are available if you want to go down that road as well.

Customer Service

Customer service through Waldo Financial really helps to differentiate this organization from the rest of the pack, particularly since they are a company that was “born” in Kansas in very much has put down solid roots throughout this state.

You’ll be in the best of hands should you need to take advantage of service or support with this company.


Licensed by the state of Kansas (and the state of Missouri) and with an A+ rating through the Better Business Bureau you won’t have to worry about any trustworthiness issues when you choose to move forward with Waldo Financial.

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