AARP Auto Insurance Review 2019

Introduction to AARP auto insurance

AARP auto insurance is a very popular auto insurance in the United States. It’s also called Hartford auto insurance and it’s been around since 1913. The company is considered to be a trustworthy company and it does tend to have higher than normal customer satisfaction rates. here is what you need to know about AARP insurance

AARP Insurance Basics

AARP indicates it has a commitment to its customers and it’s one of the better choices according to the company for auto insurance. This is indicated on customer satisfaction survey has provided by JD Power. the company values its customer experience. Its online website is user-friendly and it’s very easy for individuals to get their insurance through this company.

If you are an AARP Member this is where you will get the best benefits. Here are some of the benefits that you will get when you get AARP auto insurance

You get lifetime renewability even if you have a conviction or an accident

You get protection for 12 months

You can receive a new car replacement after fifteen thousand miles after you purchase or within the first 15 months

You have labor and towing coverage

They feature a perk which is called Recover Care this will provide you up to $2,500 for cooking, cleaning, transportation, and other help that you might need after you have been injured in a car accident

You can get additional add-ons if you are an AARP member such as first accident forgiveness as well as a single deductible for two vehicles. If you’re able to keep your driving record clean you will also get a disappearing deductible. There are many perks for signing up to AARP auto insurance so it can be well worth it for you to sign


Here are some of the features that you will get with your AARP insurance

  • Solid company that has been in business since 1913
  • You get a lifetime renewability benefit
  • You can get price quotes
  • You can replace a car
  • You are forgiven for your first accident
  • You have a deductible that disappears
  • You get discounts on both new vehicles and hybrid vehicles as well as a discount for good driving record

Getting Your Policy

AARP auto insurance makes it easy for you to get your auto insurance policy. This is the perfect policy for new drivers because the website is very easy to use. Online you can get an instant quote and there is a tool that will help you pick out the right level of coverage to meet your individual needs. After you have customized the level of coverage that you want and received your quote, you can purchase a policy online and then you have the ability to print your insurance cards.

Diverse Offerings

The offerings that policy gives you is one of the critical points that you need before you sign up for an auto insurance policy. There are many different policy types and coverages that you can get with AARP auto insurance. The company is an industry leader so you know that they are going to offer you a lot for your dollar. Please speak to the company about what you need as there are many different policies to meet individual demand.

Management of Claims

You never want to file an insurance claim but if you have to you have great convenience with this company. Through AARP auto insurance you can file 24/7 online, through an agent, by phone, or even through a mobile application. There is no restriction on where you can have the vehicle serviced for the repairs to take place. They can also give you recommendations about where you can take your vehicle to have it serviced. Once you have made a claim, this can be tracked online, through a mobile application or you can call the claim center to ask about your claim. overall, they offer excellent service in terms of managing your claim once you have made one.

Solid Support

Many insurance companies don’t care about their customers but the reputation through AARP means that you will be treated as a member of the family. There are many support features through this company such as social media, email, and telephone support systems. You can also get real-time chat to speak to a representative about your cheap auto insurance or ask questions about your policy

Policy benefits

 AARP auto insurance offers various features. If you are a frequent traveler, for example, you will enjoy the roadside assistance and the towing programs that the company offers you. You’ll receive accident-related benefits such as public transportation or rental car reimbursement and there is also a dedicated payment coverage for medical issues. If you can’t meet your basic obligations due to an injury, the company will cover assistance with certain home maintenance tasks, gardening, and your shopping needs.


The company tends to fall behind other companies as the learning materials it provides a boat its insurance lacks in detail especially online. Unless you know a lot about auto insurance you may find it difficult to understand the various parts of the policy simply because there’s not a lot of information about the AARP auto insurance online. There are very few facts on the company website and while there are some video tutorials that outline the various Insurance types these are quite limited. Many other companies offer exceptional information about their products while AARP is lacking in this area. For the inexperienced auto insurance buyer or for the first time buyer, they might find a lot of confusion when dealing with this company.

Older Drivers

If you are a driver that is over the age of 50, AARP auto insurance might be your best choice. Many other providers will begin to raise your premium as you begin to get older. This company puts its customer first so it can be a wise option as an older driver to go with AARP auto insurance. As with any insurance, ensure that you do some research prior to signing up.

Customer Reviews

It’s important to read reviews about auto insurance before you sign any paperwork. Here are some customer reviews about AARP auto insurance.

“We were quite satisfied with our policy and we have no concerns or questions about what we received from AARP insurance. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a solid company to deal with their Auto Insurance.”

“While I am happy with my auto insurance I am not too happy about the various phone solicitations and unwanted email and mail I received from this company. They seem to spam me quite often about their products.  if you sign up for this company you can expect to be pestered a little bit in terms of advertising.”

“I found better deals through another company.  While AARP has decent services, it was a little bit too expensive for my needs. Please be sure to do your research before you sign up because you might be able to get I better deal elsewhere.”

“I signed up for this company after I turned 50 and started to receive quite a few telemarketing calls. I’m not sure why they keep calling me because I already have a policy. I think this company should avoid the constant advertising they do and just stick to the customer service which they seem to be quite good at. Too much marketing can turn off potential new customers as it makes the company seemed a little bit too pushy.”

“While I am satisfied with my auto insurance, I have been receiving a lot of email and regular mail about other services through AARP that I’m simply not interested in. I wish this company would stop sending me so much email and other mail because I don’t want it. It’s fine to market to someone as long as you’re not spamming them and this company has been sending me far too much advertising that I am simply not interested in.”

General Recommendation

AARP auto insurance is a well-known company that has a wide range of services. If you want a company that you can rely on, this is probably a good company to get your auto insurance through. On the downside, the company needs to provide more information about their various services especially to new drivers or those that don’t know a lot about auto insurance. We also found that they tend to market you a little bit too often and they should scale back on this because it can turn off potential new customers or anger customers they already have. Marketing to your customer base is fine, as long as you don’t do it too often because people don’t want to be bombarded with advertising.


AARP auto insurance has a lot going for it. Since this is a well-known company, they have a lot of experience in the business and they are able to provide solid service for their customers. Most people will have a good experience working with AARP auto insurance. They have a decent customer service and seem to be genuinely concerned about the well-being of their customers. As with any auto insurance, ensure that you do your research prior to signing up because you might be able to get a better deal elsewhere.

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