Acceptance Insurance Review- Is it worth it?

Introduction to Acceptance Insurance

Not everyone behind the wheel of a vehicle today has a perfectly clean and blemish free driving record.

Auto accidents are obviously pretty common, and even more people have speeding tickets, moving violations, and a whole host of other dents and dings on their driving record – all of which can add up and conspire to keep them from getting car insurance with the most popular traditional auto insurance companies on the market today.

In fact, a lot of drivers are surprised to learn that a lot of the car insurance companies you hear about on TV, online, and on the radio are pretty selective as far as who they provide insurance to is concerned.

If you have been unlucky enough to have a couple of these strikes against your driving record, and are finding it difficult to get your hands on quality insurance that allows you to drive on the open road and legally, Acceptance Insurance might be perfect for you.

Initial Impressions

Acceptance Insurance is classified as a “high risk auto insurance company”, a nonstandard auto insurance company that provides vehicle insurance to customers that simply wouldn’t have been able to get auto insurance practically anywhere else.

Headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee, this company offers automobile insurance across 12 different states and is licensed to offer insurance in 13 more – with over 380 individual offices across these locations to make sure that their customers are able to get quick and expeditious service ASAP.

More than 170,000 policies are already in place with Acceptance Insurance, which doesn’t put it anywhere close to the major national organizations like State Farm, Geico, and the rest. But it does make it one of the larger nontraditional insurance companies around and certainly one that you’re going to want to consider if you are unable to get automobile insurance anywhere else.

This insurance company very much markets themselves to high risk drivers with less the imperfect driving records. It’s a company that offers SR 22 auto insurance, non-owner auto insurance, nonstandard auto insurance packages, as well as auto insurance to customers that have credit so bad that the traditional companies won’t even entertain bringing them on as a client.

On top of that, the company also specializes in offering teenage specific auto insurance (the most high risk class of drivers on the roads today), senior citizen auto insurance (the second highest risk class of drivers on the roads today), and insurance packages that have been specifically designed for automobile owners and drivers that have been refused to coverage from your more traditional operations.

This is not the kind of company that you’ll want to go to if you have perfect credit, a blemish free driving record, or aren’t looking to take advantage of “last-ditch” insurance. But if you do have an uphill battle in front of you trying to get proper insurance coverage from traditional organizations there might not be a better company to do business with than this one.

General Overview

According to information from the AM Best Insurance industry rating organization, the company has a C++ rating. The organization also has an A- rating with the Better Business Bureau, signifying its rather evenhanded with its customers – customers that usually move forward with Acceptance Insurance understanding that they are going to have to pony up a little bit of extra cash for their insurance because of the risk factors they inevitably bring to the table.

This isn’t a legacy insurance company that’s been around for 100 years or more, having only been in operation for a couple of decades and only accredited through the Better Business Bureau since 1998.

At the same time, this is definitely a company that can be trusted, a company that is respected throughout the industry, and a company that many considered to be one of the very best nontraditional insurance organizations in the nation today.

Acceptance Insurance provides a variety of different insurance policies and programs under their company umbrella, including (but not limited to):

  • Automobile Insurance
  • Motorcycle Insurance
  • Roadside Assistance Programs
  • Commercial Insurance
  • Pet Insurance
  • Travel Insurance

… All of which have been designed specifically for customers that wouldn’t have been able to take advantage of these kinds of insurance packages through traditional providers.

The big hitch in the giddyup of moving forward with Acceptance Insurance is that it is not yet available in all 50 states across the US. The company continues to grow and expand its base of operations, but for the most part it has focused on servicing the Southeast and the Southwest states in the US and has yet to really branch up into the northern region of America along either coast.


  • Acceptance Insurance is perfect for drivers that aren’t able to get auto insurance anywhere else
  • Ideally set up for those with less than picture-perfect driving records
  • Folks with poor credit will also be able to take advantage of Acceptance Insurance with ease
  • These insurance programs work wonders through the Traffic Proof fine reimbursement program


  • Drivers with clean and blemish free driving records will be able to find better coverage elsewhere
  • Drivers will find less expensive insurance elsewhere after a block of time has passed and the record looks less spotty
  • Overall coverage is into all that complete or comprehensive compared to more traditional insurance packages

What Real Customers Have to Say

As far as how real customers of Acceptance Insurance feel, the overwhelming majority of the reviews left online are generally positive – though obviously there are a decent amount of less than favorable reviews on the web for this company as well.

Clear Insurance, a review aggregate website for the insurance industry, as this company sitting at a 3.89 out of 5 star rating right now – with over 108 reviews having been left for this company already.

73% of these reviews state that they would be likely to renew their policy, 67% of these reviews would recommend Acceptance Insurance to a friend or family member, and 52% of the reviews said that the claimant experience was a positive one.

Anytime you’re talking about a nontraditional insurance company there are going to be some customers that aren’t going to like having to pay such a premium because of the risk factors that they bring to the table, and a decent amount of the negative reviews left behind for this company are of that variety.

A lot of the customers seem to be unhappy that they have to pay so much more for insurance compared to those that take advantage of traditional plans, while at the same time ignoring or leaving out the fact that they are forced into moving forward with a company like Acceptance Insurance because they wouldn’t have been seen as a smart decision by those same traditional insurance companies – companies that have (according to some reviews) flat out refused to take them on as customers.

All things considered, the majority of the reviews that have been found online for this company trend towards a favorable direction. There are some things that customers do not like about this company, particularly when it comes to the pricing structure of their plans and packages, but a lot of those issues are laid out transparently by the company and put in place because of the high risk factors they have to contend with.

Final Verdict

At the end of the day, if you are having a difficult time taking advantage of traditional auto insurance – or most any other kind of insurance, for that matter – because of your past history, credit score, or any different number of different factors it’s well worth looking into the packages available from Acceptance Insurance.

The company is well regarded by industry watchdogs, the Better Business Bureau, and financial websites all over the internet. It also has a generally favorable standing on review aggregate sites that collect reviews from real customers – paying customers – and what some people aren’t excited about paying extra for insurance, most understand why they are asked to when they bring extra baggage to the table.

The claims process is generally regarded as being rather quick and efficient, the coverage is quite full (though can be lacking, particularly when it comes to anything but complete and comprehensive packages), and the overall customer experience is pleasant and easy to move forward with.

This is the kind of insurance company that’s worth working with if you need to get yourself back on your feet, but it’s also the kind of insurance company that you might want to move away from after a couple of years – after you’ve proven to more traditional (and less expensive) insurance companies that you aren’t quite the risk factor that you were initially seen to be.

A lot of nontraditional insurance companies and high risk insurance companies have tons of baggage, unfavorable reviews, and unpleasant experiences that surround them. Acceptance Insurance is not one of those companies, but instead operates the same way that traditional organizations do and gives all of their customers an opportunity to rebuild their standing in the industry while still enjoying plenty of protection from the insurance they have invested in.

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