Admiral Markets Forex Review: Pro’s & Con’s

Quick History of Admiral Markets

Forex broker Admiral Markets was originally created back in 2001, making it one of the older foreign-exchange marketplaces to expand digitally.

Originally established as a bit of a smaller time brokerage, it didn’t take all that long for Admiral Markets to rapidly expand into the major global initiative it is today. Right now, this organization has several different operations in international locales – with regulatory licenses currently held in the United Kingdom, Australia, Cyprus, all throughout continental Europe, and in Estonia.

Fundamentally operating as a Forex broker for Meta-Trader, more than 145 different instruments – including 55 different Forex pairs and 90 different CFDs – make up the backbone of this platform. There are a variety of premium options that really help to separate this particular brokerage platform from the rest of the pack, including the integration of the new MT4 Supreme tools as well as other add-ons to help protect against market volatility.

Investment Opportunities

As we made mention of above, there are a myriad of investment vehicles you can choose to take advantage of when you choose to move forward with the Admiral Markets platform.

55 total Forex currency pairs are currently available for trading on this platform right now, though the platform continues to expand and grow on a regular basis. There is a lot of chatter through the official social media channels of this platform about adding new Forex currency pairs throughout 2019 and beyond, so it would be unreasonable to expect this number to grow in the near future.

106 total CFDs are available for trade through this platform as well, with five different cryptocurrency options available for trading as a CFD as well. This is another component that continues to be expanded on regularly, and it wouldn’t be that much of a leap to expect this number to grow in the future as well.

At the end of the day, all of the Forex opportunities that can be traded across this platform are 100% authorized in the European Union which essentially gives this broker the “seal of approval” for Forex traders and investors around the world.

Commission and Fee Structure

Those looking to establish an account with Admiral Markets will find that there are three different specific account varieties that they can take advantage of, each of which have their own specific fee schedule and a variety of products and currencies that can be traded.

At the end of the day, however, the “all in” total cost of using this platform as a regular Forex trading brokerage across all of these different levels is pretty much the same.

Admiral MT4, MT5 and VIP/Premium platforms are available for individuals to take advantage of with an all around “all in” cost of just about 1.2 pips. This brokerage provides total agency execution across every single trade made on any account type, with no dealing desk or “take in-house risk” to be accounted for whatsoever.

Everything gets routed through the sole liquidity provider (parent company Admiral Markets AS) which helps to keep overall fees pretty low and pretty limited.

Research Library and Tools

One of the biggest advantages you’ll find with this particular Forex platform has to be the depth of its research library and research tools, all of which are made available 100% free of charge to all levels of accounts on this platform.

The industry consensus for the research library and tools provided by Admiral Markets is glowingly positive.

The tools that they make available are all neatly grouped across a number of different specific categories, particularly in the analytics department, that makes it really easy for newbie traders and Forex investors to find exactly what they are looking for with little headache and hassle.

You’ll also find a lot more up-to-date, by the minute information in the News section of this platform compared to what you’ll find with a lot of other premium level brokers. Not only are you going to find in-depth and current information available on a constantly refreshing basis, but you’re also going to get investor insights and reactions to this news to help guide and inform your decisions directly from folks affiliated with this platform as well.

The ability to quickly flip between different research tools without leaving your specific area of focus is essential as well, and it really shines here. You can bounce from heat maps to fundamental analysis to technical analysis in just a couple of quick clicks without ever “losing your place”.

There are a host of proprietary tools and research options available in this part of the platform as well, tools that many find useful in helping to not only establish yourself as a new Forex investor but also helping give veteran investors an advantage in this ultra competitive landscape.

Customer Support

Customer support is top-notch at the Admiral Markets platform, with the average response time and the professionalism of the answers scoring right up there with the very best of the best Forex platforms on the planet today.

Customer support is available online 24/7 365 days of the year, and their response time for the digital support that they make available is often times less than 30 minutes after your initial query. From time to time this response time can stretch out to about 12 hours after your initial query, but very rarely – if ever – will you have to wait any longer than that to get answers for the information that you have requested.

Phone support is available as well, as is email support, and some people on social media (Twitter in particular) have found this to be one of the most responsive ways to get in touch with the platform.

Ease of Use

Because Admiral Markets is essentially a broker for Meta-Trader you can expect that the opportunity to take advantage of a whole host of very popular trading platforms created by this organization.

This gives you a lot of opportunity to find a specific platform that really works well with your goals and your skill level or familiarity with Forex tools. The fact that you aren’t pigeonholed into using one specific platform that might not fit you specifically is a major bonus that you aren’t going to find that a lot of other brokers.

The fact that mobile applications for the popular programs made available by Admiral Markets can be accessed on both Android and iOS devices is another huge boost for the ease-of-use of this Forex broker.


The fact that Admiral Markets is licensed and regulated in two major jurisdictions (including the European Union) lends a lot of credibility and trustworthiness to this particular Forex broker

The inclusion of powerful and effective volatility protection tools how to put this platform over the top, protecting your investments in helping you make wise up decisions without ever getting in your way

The research library available from this platform and the myriad of research tools is almost second to none, providing you with every advantage you need to have generated the kind of financial future you dream of with Forex

In-depth research articles and training programs are accessible, even for those that are brand-new to trading in the world of Forex


Some will find customer service and support a little bit limited, though Admiral Markets has already committed to expanding beyond the account manager style support they’ve all offered in the past

There are some direct limitations to the number of instruments you will be able to take full advantage when you have moved forward with the MT5 level account at this platform

Final Verdict

If you are looking for a complete, top to bottom style Forex broker that gives you access to all the tools, technology, and research you need to make informed investments this is definitely a platform you’re going to want to give a chance.

The fact that the Meta-Trader tools are so easily accessible through this platform is a huge boost, especially since so many of the core add-ons that help make those tools special are available here across the board with every level of membership. The inclusion of the volatility protection tools that are a core to this platform really helped to give you a lot more trust and security moving forward then you might have had with other platforms.

Competitive fees on the commission-based accounts, the low margin rates, and the invaluable resource library and resource tools really help to put this platform near the top of the industry.

You will not find this Forex platform to get in your way of making snap decisions, making savvy investments, or taking advantage of time-sensitive opportunities the way that some of the other bigger, bulkier, and slower moving platforms might.

This is very much a platform built on speed, giving you access to all the information you need and then letting you make your own decisions, and growing your Forex fortune the way you intend to.

Admiral Markets is definitely a platform you’ll want to pay attention to moving forward as a Forex investor.

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