ADS Securities Forex Review: Pro’s & Con’s

Quick History of ADS Securities

While ADS Securities has been open for business in the world of Forex ever since being founded in 2011, this initially Abu Dhabi-based operation is still considered to be one of the “new kids on the block” – but has grown by leaps and bounds to establish itself as one of the most influential platforms in the world today.

The initial investment of $400 million helped to establish ADS Securities almost immediately, attracting Forex investors from around the world thanks to its useful tools, simplified platform, and its resource library.

Mobile friendly applications rolled out shortly after, and within just a handful of years ADS Securities grew into the global entity it is today. It currently is regulated in Hong Kong, the United Kingdom, and the United Arab Emirates and offers a variety of different retail Forex options through its ADSS brand in the United Kingdom, it’s ADS Prime brand in the United Arab Emirates, and through the ADS Securities operation based out of Hong Kong (with support being provided out of Singapore).

Why this company is not a publicly traded operation (the way that some of the other popular global Forex platforms are), the fact that it is authorized for trade in the European Union – one of the most stringent regulators in the industry – gives investors the world over a lot of faith and a lot of confidence in everything that it has to offer.

Investment Opportunities

Right out of the gate, those that choose to establish an account with the ADS Securities are going to have an opportunity to trade 65 different Forex pairs – with more anticipated to be added to the trading platform throughout 2019 and beyond.

The fact that you can trade 65 different Forex pairs offers a lot of versatility and flexibility in your Forex decisions that other platforms cannot offer, putting them amongst some of the most diverse trading platforms you find as far as Forex pairs are concerned.

Of course, you’ll also find that you are available to trade just north of 2200 different CFDs as well – including cryptocurrency options as a CFD.

This again is head and shoulders above the amount of traditional CFD options you can trade with most other global Forex platforms, helping to put this above the rest of the competition and giving you a lot of reasons to move forward with this trading and investment brokerage.

Best of all, retail accounts can be created for Forex investors that are just getting started as well as gigantic Forex investors that want to professionally daytrading or handle high net worth clients. The type of account that you open will heavily influence the accessibility of the tools you’ll need to handle these disparate types of investing, but again you’ll have plenty of choice moving forward with ADS Securities.

Commission and Fee Structure

Trying to pin down a specific commission and fee structure with ADS Securities is rather challenging, if only because they offer three different “branded” services in each of their major regulation areas but also because they offer a whole host of different accounts and different account levels at each of these three brands.

For example, if you were looking to trade out of the United Arab Emirates-based operation you have the opportunity to move forward with two different types of accounts – Classic or Elite. In the United Kingdom you have the option to move forward with a Classic or Prime Elite account, and in the Hong Kong region you have the opportunity to move forward with a Classic and Prime Gold account.

Each of the different “VIP level” accounts have unique commission and fee structures, but the Classic accounts will see a target spread drop to just about 1.6 pips. Classic account versions can also be opened up with just $100, with VIP level accounts having to be opened up with an initial deposit of at least $200,000 – but the commission and fee perks are substantial (and varied).

Research Library and Tools

The research library and research tools you’ll have access to with ADS Securities is pretty top-notch, especially since the folks that have built this platform for this organization has spent a lot of time on effortlessly integrating content from third-party aggregators that many in the industry considered to be the very best of the past.

You will gain access to this information in up-to-date fashion, with breaking news alerts and updates about the particular investment vehicles you’re thinking about moving forward with constantly refreshing and notifying you on a 24/7 basis.

All of this data can be effortlessly accessed through the actual library portal itself, but you can also create your own sentiment widgets that help you distill this information down into more bite sized chunks as well.

There is a daily in-house video series that is accessible 365 days of the year offering up-to-date information including technical and fundamental analysis and market updates. This is a huge boost for those that want to be able to research and trade on the same platform.

Customer Support

Customer service and support through ADS Securities is simple, straightforward, and streamlined.

According to industry sources, it has the third highest rating as far as customer support is concerned with an average response time of right around 20 minutes or so. Online support connections happen inside of 60 seconds routinely, providing instant access to support agents for client that are looking to take advantage of customer support ASAP.

Ease of Use

The ADS Securities platform is really built on top of their flagship OREX offering, the real bread and butter of this platform and a system that many in the Forex world consider to be an improved version of the MT4 platform that used to be considered the very best of the bunch.

It’s obvious that the folks at ADS Securities decided to buff up the capabilities of that MT4 platform but at the same time streamline its usability, particularly for first time and rookie Forex traders.

The only trouble with this particular platform occurs if you are running it in a desktop variant. This requires you to be running the outdated Silverlight plug-in (a plug-in that has been abandoned by Microsoft) – which means there’s all kinds of security vulnerabilities that you may run into should you decide to use this on a desktop.

For this reason, it is strongly encouraged that you take advantage of the OREX tools from ADS Securities via their secure web based/browser-based platform – a platform that has been built entirely on HTML 5.

You can access this web tool from any modern online browser on any computer or laptop, regardless of its operating system, and you don’t have to worry about security flaws, issues, or installing and later updating any desktop software.

A lot of people also recommend the mobile platforms of ADS Securities, with Android and iOS versions available. Not only does this allow you to effortlessly trade Forex on the go but it also helps you to tap into a more intuitive user interface specifically designed for smart phones and especially tablets.


While getting a grip on specific commission and fee rates can be a little challenging for the different account types in the different regulatory hubs, most will find the commission and fee rates to be incredibly competitive for active Forex trading

The fact that ADS Securities is regulated in several major hubs (including the European Union) gives this brokerage a lot of credibility and Forex investors a lot of safety and security moving forward

All accounts through this platform have very, very low margin rates

The online OREX platform is based entirely on HTML 5 and is as future proof as it gets

Mobile applications for Android and iOS have been finely tuned for the mobile experience and are a dream to use


There are obvious and fundamental security flaws to the desktop version of the OREX platform because of its reliance on the now out of date Silverlight plug-in. Make sure you’re using the web-based tools or the mobile applications if you go with ADS Securities.

There will be higher spreads on any of the noncommissioned accounts that you can create with this platform

Final Verdict

Moving forward with ADS Securities is a smart decision for those that want to actively Forex trade, those that have big balances or high net worth clients that they want to manage in the Forex world, as well as those that want to dip their toe into the world of professional Forex daytrading.

Smaller style retail accounts can definitely be created with ADS Securities but you’ll almost inevitably end up spending much higher spreads on these noncommissioned style accounts. This can become pretty expensive in a hurry compared to some of the other platforms out there today.

You might also run into some trouble opening up a specific style account depending on your physical location and the regulatory hub that you have to move forward through. This is something you want to consider as well, though most everyone that has an account with ADS Securities is more than pleased with the tools, technology, and research that they make available for savvy Forex investing.

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