AeroMexico Credit Card Review

Introduction to the AeroMexico Credit Card

The AeroMexico Credit Card is a good example of a card that comes with a specific sort of appeal. While the card measures up reasonably well to other travel-rewards-centric credit cards, the benefits are particularly significant to those who travel to Latin American on a regular basis. If you consider yourself to be such a person, then the AeroMexico card is well worth a serious look on your part. This includes Mexico, Central America, or South America. Obviously, it doesn’t really matter if your travels are consistently bringing you there for business or pleasure.

Obviously, this is a card that works best with using the AeroMexico airliner for any trips you take to any Latin American countries. The card is supported by U.S. Bank, which definitely gives it a strong measure of respectability and security.

While this is a potential contender for anyone who travels to Latin America frequently, this card is not without some problems. Even under the most ideal circumstances, there are some potential downsides to this card that you will want to keep in mind.

AeroMexico Credit Card Overview

You will certainly need to meet a fairly specific criteria, in order to take advantage of everything this card has to offer. The saving grace of that consideration is knowing the card is pretty inclusive to that end. This is definitely a card that works best with its connected airliner, but its benefits and features at least aspire to go a bit deeper than that.

Some would make the argument that this is a strong card for rebuilding credit. This is perhaps why the card is pretty inclusive, in terms of who can qualify for an AeroMexico card in the first place. The card isn’t weighed down with an overwhelming number of fees, although there are a few we think you ought to keep in mind. For example, while there is an annual fee associated with the card, it is one of the lowest annual fees to be found anywhere. The Visa Secured Card is one example of AeroMexico credit cards, and it is particularly built around rebuilding credit. Just keep in mind you must put down a $300 security deposit, and there are tons of fees.

We are focusing specifically on their general use card, which is largely only available to those who have exceptional credit. For those who qualify for the card, there are several benefits and drawbacks that we should explore in greater detail.

AeroMexico Credit Card Benefits

Once more, the benefits of this card are particularly significant to those who travel to Latin America on a consistent basis. For such individuals, this card can offer upwards of 6% back on any AeroMexico flights you book to any Latin America countries. This is a huge benefit to regular AeroMexico fliers, and it can only get better for them from there.

The “Free AeroMexico tickets” benefit is a good example of what we are talking about. Understand that if you purchase three tickets on an AeroMexico flight, the airline will give you a fourth ticket on the same flight for free. This is what we mean with regards to the AeroMexico Credit Card being such a potentially good choice for those who use this particular airline on a consistent basis. On top of that, AeroMexico and U.S. Bank will also give you $99 companion certificates. You get one of these for every year in which you renew your card. However, as a potential downside, note that the companion certificate can only be utilized when you are booking a flight between Mexico and the United States. This can be a little annoying, but it still isn’t difficult to imagine some potential good use from such a perk.

The annual fee is also worth keeping in mind. While some cards skip annual fees altogether, that is not going to be the case here. This is offset somewhat by the fact that AeroMexico will waive that fee for the first year. This is nice, and we also like the fact that the $45 annual fee is one of the lowest among the cards that force you to accept such charges in the first place. The secure version of the card does not waive the fee at any given point.

While there are some strong benefits to this card, there are also some meaningful downsides to appreciate. This is a good card for those who take the time to learn how to use it to its best ability, but that in of itself can be a frustrating research task. That is one of the first elements to this card that may prove to bother you over time.

AeroMexico Credit Card Downsides

The biggest downside to this card is the fact that it works best with just one airline. Yes, you can use this credit card for other purchases that come along. However, you aren’t going to earn much. You can still gain some of the perks over time, but those perks work best when you apply the cards rewards and benefits to AeroMexico purchases.

Even the signup bonus is rather specific to AeroMexico customers. You can get an extra 15, 000 points just for using the card, but those AeroMexico Club Premier Miles are really only going to work best on some airline ticket purchases. To that specific end, the card can eat into as much as 41% of what the ticket is going to cost you regardless.

There are also some substantial limitations to the “Buy 3, get 1 free” promotion that we mentioned before. The free ticket only applies to the flight in which you have purchased the three tickets. You can’t buy three tickets throughout the year, and then get the fourth one when you feel like taking a free trip to some location in Latin America. Everything has to be purchased at once, which limits the appeal to really working for large families or other groups of people. If you are the only person who is ever going to use and benefit from this card, you are likely to be frustrated.

The free tickets from your AeroMexico Credit Card are also exclusive to AeroMexico, but you probably suspected that already.

AeroMexico Credit Card Rewards

In addition to the $99 companion certificates you can earn by renewing the card each year, AeroMexico also gives you an additional bonus of 2000 points with each year in which you renew. This is another way you can use the card intelligently to save as much as possible on your Latin America flights.

In most situations, you will earn one point for most of the purchases you make while utilizing this card. There are a few exceptions to this that you should keep in mind. For example, your gas purchases and grocery purchases can earn you two points per every dollar you spend. When using the card to cover flights and vacations booked through AeroMexico, you will also be able to earn double the points you would normally receive. All of this amounts to some good rewards for those who are already loyal customers with AeroMexico. Without that factor, many of these rewards lose their luster. In some cases, the rewards can be rendered utterly useless by taking AeroMexico out of the equation.

AeroMexico Credit Card Costs

If you are accepted for the “normal” AeroMexico card, you will find a few fees to remember. The $45 annual fee is right at the top of the list, although it demands repeating that AeroMexico will waive that fee for your first year with the card.

The APR associated with this card is also noticeably lower than other cards. This might be one of the biggest reasons why the card is usually only offered to those with excellent credit. The APR will fall somewhere between 12.99% and 22.99% variable. The actual APR you wind up with is going to be dependent upon your credit score. If you can get the 12.99% APR, and you are planning to use this card for a number of flights, vacations, and other purchases associated with AeroMexico, this is a card that you will definitely want to research further.


The AeroMexico Credit Card is what we would categorize as being a little frustrating. There are some great features to take advantage of here. No one is going to debate that. The problem comes down to only being able to really benefit from the card through a specific airline. Even the points you can earn for everyday purchases will really only be meaningful when you combine them with the points you will earn through booking flights and vacations with AeroMexico.

Provided you can meet that main requirement, we would suggest at least considering this card. It probably shouldn’t be a primary card under any circumstances, but frequent fliers on AeroMexico will be able to pick up a number of free flights, over the course of their time with the card. Just don’t lose sight of the fact that these benefits really work best if you are buying your tickets in groups of three or more.

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