Ameriprise Insurance Reviewed: Worth it?

What is Ameriprise Insurance

If you are sick and tired of having to go through the runaround when shopping for home or auto insurance today, and want a simplified and streamlined insurance purchasing process – particularly if you are a Costco member – then you are in luck when it comes to Ameriprise Insurance.

One of the fastest-growing insurance companies in the United States today, Ameriprise Insurance offers top-tier insurance plans and packages for the traditional and nontraditional insurance customer at fair prices. The deals and discounts available through this insurance company increase when you bundle your plans (the same way they will with other insurance operations and outfits), but the savings you can pick up as a client of Ameriprise Insurance are even more significant.

Both home and auto insurance can be purchased directly from this organization, giving clients the opportunity to protected to of life’s most important investments without having to worry about serious financial setback going forward.

Initial Impressions

At first blush, you aren’t going to be able to really differentiate Ameriprise Insurance from any of the other insurance companies out there – particularly those with a nationwide coverage area.

This is a company that very much looks and feels like a traditional insurance outfit, serving those that do not have specific or special insurance needs – but also offering specialty and niche solutions for those that aren’t able to find insurance quite as easily elsewhere.

Rates are pretty favorable, comparable with the industry norms, and when you bundle these solutions together you’re likely to be able to take advantage of even more significant discounts than what is commonplace across the industry. Bundling home and auto insurance is a savvy move as a general rule, but when you do so with Ameriprise Insurance you’re going to be able to save even more money (on average) then you might have been able to otherwise.

The overall shopping experience for insurance from Ameriprise Insurance is pretty simple and straightforward, too.

They have a well-designed online portal, offer online quotes in the opportunity to purchase insurance automatically through this online system, and also include a variety of different mobile applications that prospective customers and clients can take advantage of to learn more about the insurance available from Ameriprise Insurance – or to see policy information and details after they have opted to become a customer.

As far as the reputation of Ameriprise Insurance is concerned, it is generally quite positive – though there is a little bit of a mixed bag from customers that have gone through the claims process. This is an organization that has regular promotions through Costco, one of the most popular companies on the planet as far as customer service concerned, and many feel like this attitude towards customer service has rubbed off in all the right ways.

We dig a little bit deeper into the overall experience of moving forward with Ameriprise Insurance when we show what real customers of this organization have to say just a bit later in this guide.

General Overview

If you are looking for a standalone homeowners insurance policy or a standalone auto insurance policy, the odds are pretty good that you’ll be able to find comparable plans from other companies at right around the same prices.

However, if you are looking to bundle your plans together you would have a really tough time finding any other major nationwide insurance organization willing to give you the same kinds of discounts that Ameriprise Insurance is.

On top of that, individuals that want top-tier customer service (especially on the homeowners insurance side of this company) are going to be well served when they choose to move forward with Ameriprise Insurance. This is a company that takes customer service and their reputation seriously, and while there have been a couple of negative reviews online about a slow and somewhat arduous claims process the majority are glowingly positive about their overall experience.

Ameriprise Insurance also serves those that have lower value homes that want to purchase homeowners insurance without having to spend a mountain of money along the way. A number of the policies that Ameriprise Insurance puts forward in this specific segment of the market are considered to be industry leaders, and when you choose to bundle these already low-priced insurance packages with auto insurance the savings really start to add up.

Low risk drivers that are willing to bundled insurance together under one roof are going to see the most significant discounts for sure. Again, if you are only shopping for auto insurance you’ll want to compare the quotes you get from Ameriprise Insurance to a number of other industry leaders, though you’ll likely find that they are all in the same ballpark.

The homeowners insurance side of the fence for Ameriprise Insurance is where they really differentiate themselves (from a standalone perspective, anyway). They offer pretty typical homeowners insurance at a very competitive price, especially if you have recently invested in security and safety upgrades. Lower valued homes are also going to find their insurance rates discounted through Ameriprise Insurance, helping homeowners save quite a bit of money over the short and long-term compared to traditional companies that just aren’t willing to make these kinds of concessions.


  • Homeowners that want top-tier customer service for their policy will want to take a close look at Ameriprise Insurance
  • Homeowners that have lower valued homes and don’t want to spend a fortune protecting them will find a partner here
  • Anyone looking to bundle their auto and home insurance together for significant savings will be pleased with their Ameriprise Insurance packages


  • High risk drivers (younger drivers, elderly drivers, and drivers with blemished driving records) Macy’s significant rate hikes compared to other traditional insurance companies
  • Individual auto or home insurance plans aren’t all that different from what you’ll find elsewhere when they haven’t been bundled together

What Real Customers Have to Say

As a general rule, the overwhelming majority of people that have already become clients with Ameriprise Insurance are pretty pleased with their experience from top to bottom.

This shouldn’t really surprise anyone, considering the fact that Costco is involved every step of the way – a company that is known for having a rock solid reputation for customer service and consumer friendly experiences.

According to Clear Insurance, and insurance review aggregate website, Ameriprise Insurance has a 4.19 rating out of 5.0 stars, a rating that has been built over 183 different reviews (as of the time of this writing).

Across those reviews, 78% stated that they are likely to renew the policy or policies that they already have in place with Ameriprise Insurance. 81% stated that they would happily recommend Ameriprise Insurance to a friend or family member, and 73% stated that their experience with Ameriprise Insurance (particularly when it came to claims) was positive.

Some of the customers and clients that have been with Ameriprise Insurance for a while stated in their reviews that they saw rate increases without any warning whatsoever, though even those reviews rank to the overall experience with this insurance company as a generally positive one.

A handful of the reviews online stated that the claims process was slow, drawnout, and a bit of a challenge to slog through, but again the overwhelming majority of overall experiences related to the claims process with Ameriprise Insurance have been glowingly positive.

This insurance company was frequently called a well run outfit, a responsive company, a personable insurance organization, and a company that treated people with respect. These aren’t often the kinds of things you hear about insurance companies all over the industry.

Final Verdict

At the end of the day, Ameriprise Insurance certainly looks to be one of the best insurance companies around if an individual is looking to take advantage of both automobile insurance and homeowners insurance at the same time.

While customers do have the opportunity to purchase either home or auto insurance separately directly from this insurance company, many feel that the prices available through this organization are in line with what you’ll find most everywhere else with reputable insurance companies across the industry.

In those situations, you’re really paying for the top-tier customer service and a generally positive claims process – which to plenty of customers as well worth missing out on a slight discount you might be able to find elsewhere.

All things considered, Ameriprise Insurance is one of the best reviewed and most respected companies in the industry – by financial organizations like the Better Business Bureau as well as by general customer reviews and reputation alone. This is a company that can be trusted to offer a fair deal to each and every one of their clients, provides plenty of coverage you’d expect from traditional sources, and delivers on the promises that they make as far as their protection and coverage is concerned.

To save the most amount of money you’ll want to bundle insurance packages together under the single roof that Ameriprise Insurance provides, but even if you aren’t going in that direction it’s worth looking into these insurance packages if for no other reason than to leverage the customer service and claims support the company provides.

Ameriprise Insurance goes toe to toe with traditional insurance companies while also offering some specialty packages, another differentiator that help separate them in a crowded insurance industry.

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