Amica Car Insurance Review

The Complete guide to Amica Car Insurance

When it comes to the best car insurance companies, there is no question that you have a number of potential options in front of you. While you can opt for the cheapest minimum coverage, any insurance or car expert will tell you it’s always a better idea to aspire for more. This is where Amica Car insurance can prove to be useful. You want auto insurance that gives you genuine, comprehensive coverage that will cover a wide range of likely, unfortunate scenarios. You also want a company with an excellent track record customer service, which includes a company that makes the claims process as straightforward and hassle-free as possible.

Amica gets strong ratings from the majority of its customers for all of those things. When we suggest that you look for more in a car insurance company than the bare minimum, Amica can be a great place in which to begin your search.

Amica Car Insurance Basics

Also known as Amica Mutual Insurance, the company was initially established in 1907. The company offers a range of options for those seeking car insurance. At the same time, the company also offers a range of options for those seeking good homeowners insurance. These are the two main facets of the company’s profile. For the time being, we are going to focus specifically on the pros and cons of Amica Car insurance.

There is no question that in the realm of well-reviewed auto insurance companies, Amica is frequently spotlighted as one of the best. While there is no such thing as a universal solution for all drivers, it is also reasonable to say that Amica should be one of the first companies you research. Reviews indicate that they work well with a wide range of individuals from a wide range of backgrounds. There are some particularly appealing elements to Amica, as well, in terms of these reviews. Many of Amica’s most dedicated customers love the fact that the company not only offers strong rewards, but also some good discount incentives for those who drive responsibly or maintain their bill.

There are some clear benefits of Amica Car Insurance that are certainly worth understanding. At the same time, there are some elements to the company that one could describe as problematic. Many would in fact argue that Amica auto coverage is vastly superior to what they offer those who are interested in homeowners insurance. This may also not be a good company for anyone who prefers to speak to actual human beings.

Let’s take a deeper look at some of the major Amica pros and cons.

Amica Car Insurance Pros And Cons

One of the strongest positive points for this company involves their claims process. This is where you will find many of their best reviews. If you are new to shopping around for car insurance, the claims process is one of the most important things you are going to want to pay attention to. In many cases, it can make or break an insurance company for someone seeking a new provider.

With Amica Car Insurance, their reputation in this crucial arena is almost peerless. In the event of an accident, it should go without saying that you want things to move quickly. You want to be able to get on with your life. That just makes sense. A big part of that is making sure your car insurance company is taking care of everything. You want to know without question that you are going to get your money quickly, which is often the most important step in moving beyond a serious car accident. Amica has a claims process that not only moves quickly, but generally ensures the individual receives their money in due course, as well.

Amica Car Insurance rates are also considered to be some of the best in the nation. While this can generally depend on your driving record, Amica has a particularly good reputation among younger/inexperienced drivers. In other words, if you meet one of those qualifications, you still wind up with good rates through Amica. In fact, it may turn out that Amica has the lowest rates you are going to find anywhere. Between this benefit, and the claims process, it isn’t hard to see by any means why so many people trust Amica.

At the same time, they are not without their flaws. For example, certain perks are only available on certain levels. If you want the very best of what Amica has to offer, then there is a good chance that you will want to opt for the Platinum Club.

Additional Amica Car Insurance Pros And Cons

Amica really is a very good auto insurance choice for younger or inexperienced drivers. This is particularly true for young drivers whose parents have been Amica Car Insurance customers for a number of years. Simply put, if you are under the age of 30, and your parents have been Amica customers for five consecutive years or longer, Amica might just be your best. They are a particularly beneficial company to drivers who meet these qualifications.

Another thing we like about Amica comes down to the impressive range of possibilities that are available to you. Simply in terms of coverage options, Amica once again distances themselves from many of their competitors. In addition to the standard coverage options, there are built-in perks and optional pieces of coverage that can be added with ease. Just remember that if you do want to take advantage of some of those add-ons, you will need to be a Platinum Club member.

Amica Car Insurance also has some excellent rewards awaiting good drivers. These rewards come in the form of points that can be used in a variety of different ways. Even better, Amica gives you a number of different ways in which to earn these points. From renewing your policy, to keeping your driving record clean for a year, Amica will reward you for all of those behaviors, and more. These rewards can then be rolled over into things like paying down your deductible, or for dealing with the surcharges that can sometimes occur in the aftermath of an auto accident.

Further Amica Car Insurance Considerations

Identity fraud monitoring and full glass coverage are two more good examples of how Amica protects their customers. As we mentioned before, the reviews surrounding this company are particularly high on the variety of coverage options, as well as the quality of that coverage to begin with. The company also earns high scores in the customer service department. Straightforward, friendly, and professional customer service can be essential to everyone. This is particularly true of younger drivers. This is a rare car insurance company that has the potential to appeal to people of all ages and backgrounds.

Amica Car Insurance also has strong rental coverage. The coverage can go as high as $5000 dollars, making Amica one of the best companies for car rental insurance that you are going to find anywhere. There are also Amica Dividend Policies, which is yet another possible benefit you can enjoy through this provider.

Simply put, Amica is what is known as a mutual insurance company. This means it is a company that is owned by the policyholders themselves. It isn’t a publicly listed company, nor is it a company that has outside interests/investors. All of this translates to Amica being able to give their clients the dividends that would traditionally go to the shareholders. Typical dividend payments fall between five to twenty percent of your annual rates.

Best of all? You can use those dividend payments however you please. Many people choose to roll them over into their car insurance bills, but this is not something you are required to do. It is true that a dividends policy can cost more, so take that under consideration. At any rate, if you can afford it, you have one more way to take advantage of everything Amica Car Insurance has to offer.


Also, while the homeowners insurance through Amica may not be quite as impressive to you, we would still strongly suggest checking it out anyway. As you may or may not know, insurance companies love to extend significant rewards and discounts to anyone who is willing to bundle their insurance coverage to cover multiple aspects of their lives. Amica Insurance is no different. There are some great discounts for those who are willing to combine one thing or another.

Ultimately, and just in terms of car insurance, Amica is one of the best companies out there. They have strong reviews across the board, and their willingness to work with a wide range of people, while still being able to offer some of the lowest car insurance rates available, gives them the distinction of being a solid first choice for just about anyone. Amica Car Insurance is a strong contender, regardless of what you are ultimately looking for. Just keep in mind that you do not get the benefit of an in-person agent, although Amica has an excellent online presence you can put to work.

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