ASI Insurance Review 2019

Introduction to ASI Insurance

Established in 1997, ASI Insurance has good reviews among such groups as J.D. Powers and the Better Business Bureau. They are also noted for having a strong financial background, as well as ties to some of the most impressive entities in the world of insurance. They have built a strong reputation through the years. At the same time, they are also potentially one of the worst-reviewed insurance companies to be found anywhere. While there are unquestionably some strong elements to this company, there are also a number of things that one should be wary of. ASI has been particularly criticized, for example, for having poor customer service. They also seem to be one of the most expensive insurance companies out there, in terms of rates.

Is ASI a good fit for your needs? To be sure, there are a number of positive points to this company. At the same time, there are some issues that one cannot simply ignore. This is definitely a mixed bag company in a number of ways. Nonetheless, depending on your insurance needs, they could prove to be a good fit for your demands and your lifestyle. A competitive discounts package, which is offered through ASI Insurance, is impressive. Obviously, there are other considerations with any insurance company that you want to keep in mind.

The Basics Of ASI Insurance

Also known as American Strategic Insurance, ASI is one of the more expensive options out there. While the specific rates can obviously vary from one individual to the next, there is no question that on the whole, ASI could be categorized as moderate-to-expensive insurance. Their policy variety is not spectacular, when compared to some other companies. Furthermore, the customer service record with ASI, as we mentioned before, is a bit on the troubling side. While the company is not regarded as dishonest, there are still a large number of reviews that complain of a lengthy, confusing claims process, among other issues.

ASI Insurance is financially strong, as we also mentioned before. They are backed by Progressive, who stands as one of the largest and most financially secure insurance companies in the world. In other words, in the event that you have to file a claim, you can at least be certain that the money exists. This is a reputable insurance company in the sense that they have the finances. They have also obviously paid out a great many claims, over the course of the past twenty years or so.

Let’s take a deeper look at some of the pros and cons associated with this company. The benefits of trusting this company ultimately come down to the financial security of the company. There are a few potential advantages of working with ASI that should be considered, as well. On the flip side, we need to take a closer look at ASI’s track record with regards to customer service. It can also be a good idea to compare the prices of ASI’s policies with regards to the depth and usefulness of those policies. On that specific front, there are several things one should keep in mind.

Pros And Cons Of ASI Insurance

Given the fact that ASI’s coverage is fairly straightforward, it is somewhat surprising that their policies can be so expensive. ASI Insurance has a strange reputation for offering basic coverage, as well as a few impressive discounts. At the same time, they can also be one of the priciest choices you will encounter. The most competitive aspect of ASI would have to be those discounts, which are well worth checking out in greater detail.

Depending on where you live, and how you approach purchasing coverage, you can shave off those high rates to a significant degree. Some ASI customers have been able to take as much as 25% off their rates. Some would nonetheless argue that one can find similar rates, even after ASI’s discounts, while also taking advantage of better customer service. Obviously, that is something that can vary from one individual to the next.

Another nice thing about ASI is that they partner up with auto insurance companies to offer umbrella packages. They have a particularly long-term relationship with Progressive. In other words, if you are willing to bundle up your auto insurance and homeowners insurance, as many prefer to do, you can find yourself with good coverage at solid rates. ASI Insurance also benefits from giving their customers a single deductible, if they are willing to bundle their auto and home insurance coverage. Again, ASI has some strong discounts that go a long way towards explaining their consistent popularity. 

Additional Pros And Cons Of ASI

Then we get the customer service, which we have touched on several times in our ASI Insurance review. The fact of the matter is that ASI has good ratings through such groups as the BBB. However, if you begin to read actual reviews from current and former ASI clients, you begin to pick up on some unfortunate consistencies. The process of filing a claim can take a considerably longer time than it would with other insurance companies. 

Another frustrating aspect of the ASI experience involves the agents themselves, particularly in terms of their actual affiliation with the company. The company does not provide online quotes. Furthermore, ASI is operated through independent agents. Among other things, this can mean two people going to ASI and having wildly different experiences, depending on who they get for an agent. Many customers prefer to work with agents who work directly for the insurance company in question. This is obviously something you will need to decide on your own.

Other Important Considerations With ASI

There are also a few states in which ASI does not operate. Currently, the company offers coverage in forty-one states across the U.S. The agent-based service model can be appealing to those who want to be able to deal with a human being on a consistent basis. For many people who shop for insurance in one form or another, being able to talk to a person is one of the biggest considerations when choosing a company.

Unfortunately, the agent-based model suffers from that poor customer service. They have received an above-average number of complaints from their clients. Their customer satisfaction ratings, according to a number of insurance company review sites, are some of the poorest for a company of this size. ASI Insurance has improved somewhat since being purchased by Progressive some time ago, but they still continue to struggle in the customer satisfaction department. This doesn’t mean everyone has a poor experience with ASI, but it should give you cause to be at least a little wary.

Additional living expenses and medical payments are two compelling elements of the coverage and discounts you can find through this provider. Even if you have a fairly large family, you may find that ASI is more than capable of meeting your needs. There is no question that they can give you the basics, along with a few pleasing additions. We just can’t get behind the high rates that are sometimes associated with this company, which seems to be regardless of a person’s actual driving record. You might be able to offset those high rates with some discounts, but that isn’t something that’s necessarily guaranteed.


Should you be concerned when it comes time to file a claim with ASI Insurance? Yes and no. While most people can ultimately find better insurance companies to meet their needs, trusting what you want to ASI doesn’t mean you’re going to get ripped off. They just seem to have a bad reputation for taking as long as humanly possible to pay a filed claim. For this reason, we would suggest maintaining vigilance in getting ASI to pay what they owe. Many reviews claim they had to be persistent in not only getting their money, but in making sure they were given the correct amount of money, as well.

Inaccurate assessments of damage is another issue that has seemingly come up with ASI on a number of occasions. To that end, our suggestion is to make sure you are completely familiar with everything your policy has to offer. In some situations, it can simply be a misunderstanding on your part. Nonetheless, this has happened often enough with ASI that one really can’t be sure that is always the case. If you find yourself having a negative experience with ASI Insurance, don’t be afraid to share your review online.

Ultimately, if you get some good discounts from ASI, and your needs are simple enough, this could be an ideal fit for your insurance concerns. Their customer service may not be great, and their rates can be a bit on the high side, but they seem to do well enough in other areas. If you honestly don’t think customer service is going to be a big deal to you, don’t be afraid to research ASI further. They have worked well with a number of customers. We would still suggest comparing ASI to a few other insurance companies.

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