Asiana Credit Card Review 2019

Introduction to the Asiana Credit Card

Available through the Bank of America, there is no question that the Asiana Credit Card is an intriguing possibility to consider. Asiana Airlines is a significant airline to a great many people, so it makes sense that they would offer a credit card. Naturally, the card holds the most significant benefits for those who use the airline on a regular basis.

To put it another way, if you are going to consider this card, it is strongly recommended that you are using Asiana Airlines at least once a year. Obviously, if you are using this airline several times a year, the appeal of the card multiplies. For devoted users of this airline, the Asiana card is a heavyweight that will more than make up for its annoying yearly annual fee.

You will also want to keep in mind that Asiana Airlines is part of Star Alliance. The benefits and features of the card be applied to other members of this alliance. This is something to keep in mind, but even this aspect of the card carries certain considerations you will need to keep in mind. There are some major benefits to this card, but there are also a number of drawbacks that potentially limit its potential.

Asiana Credit Card Overview

Like a lot of travel-rewards-centric credit cards, the Asiana card endeavors to be useful at more than just their airport. Nonetheless, like a lot of these cards, you obviously want the foundation of your use to be the airline the card is associated with. This certainly applies to the Asiana Airlines credit card from Bank of America. While you can earn points on gas and groceries, as well as single points on virtually all other purchases, the accumulation of these points isn’t terribly impressive. Once they connect with purchases and benefits related to the airline, its existence begins to make sense.

However, even under the best of circumstances, this card can be problematic for a number of reasons. We would even go so far as to say that if you are new to the world of rewards credit cards, this is not a good card in which to begin your experience. This is something we would say even for those who Asiana Airlines on a regular basis. This is a card that works best with Asiana Airlines customers who know how these sorts of cards work, but there is much more to this Bank of America credit card that you will want to keep in mind.

Asiana Credit Card Benefits

Provided you are doing a meaningful amount of spending on Asiana Airlines-related purchases, there are some significant benefits to this card that you can keep in mind. A cardholder stands to earn an impressive three points per dollar spent on any purchases made that are related to Asiana Airlines. It gets better when you discover that you can earn two points for every dollar you spend on gas and grocery-related purchases. You also get to earn one mile per dollar spent on anything else. Again, this rewards system is pretty strong, as well as varied, but you absolutely need to be a consistent customer of Asiana Airlines at the foundation of your experience.

Not surprisingly, you also get a bonus for using the card. After using your Asiana Credit Card once, you will be given a solid bonus of ten thousand points. The value of those points comes out to around $140. While that won’t get you a free flight with the airline, it will put a nice dent in the price of a ticket. There are cards with better bonus point offers, but this one is still a good example of what you are going to find. We also like the fact that those ten thousand points are given to you annually. Furthermore, they do not count against the 200, 000 mile-per-year cap the card includes.

Provided you can find things to do with your miles/points each year, the card should pay for itself, in terms of the annual fee you will have to pay. You also get a $100 rebate for Asiana Airlines tickets every year, which is another way the card is particularly appealing to those who are loyal to this particular airline. It makes sense that with many of these airline credit cards, many of the benefits are built around the concept of being loyal to the airline in question.

Finally, keep in mind that Asiana Airlines is part of the Star Alliance group of airlines. This group includes an impressive array of twenty-six different airlines. While your miles are best used at the airline specific to your credit card, you can nonetheless use your miles at any Star Alliance airport. In addition to those twenty-six airlines, your points can also be utilized at Ethihad Airways and Qatar Airways. This is a solid array of options.


While this is a good car for Asiana Airlines customers, it isn’t very useful for anyone else. Furthermore, even if you are flying on Asiana Airlines at least once a year, there are still some frustrating aspects of ownership that we want to highlight.

Remember when we mentioned the 10, 000 miles bonus? Remember when we told you about the $100 rebate? While you will get both of those things with this card, understand that they cannot be applied to other airlines. This includes airlines within the Star Alliance grouping, as well as Ethihad Airways and Qatar Airways. You can only use these Asiana Credit Card rewards through Asiana Airlines. This is why we mentioned that the card really doesn’t have a lot to offer, if you aren’t using Asiana Airlines on a regular basis. Even the yearly invites to the Asiana Airlines lounge comes with certain restrictions. You can only visit U.S. lounges, and you can’t bring anyone with you. It seems as though all of these benefits come with at least one frustrating catch.

You will also want to keep in mind that your miles/points are worth less when applied to other airlines in the Star Alliance grouping. Not only are you earning your best rewards through Asiana Airlines, but you also have to make sure the miles go back into Asiana Airlines, if you are particularly obsessed with maximizing the value of the card.

The reach of Asiana Airlines is also somewhat limited. Before applying for this card, make sure you live near one of the nine U.S. airports that works with this airliner.

You also don’t want to use this card for overseas expenditures. Doing so will devalue the points by 1%. This wipes out the lower tier of potential points you can earn. The card does not have a traditional foreign transaction fee, so there’s that. Still, there are plenty of cards out there that do not charge anything for being used overseas.

Asiana Airlines Rewards

As we have already illustrated on several points, there are some strong rewards attached to this card. It just becomes frustrating to understand how best to take advantage of those rewards. This notion ties in to our opinion earlier in this review that this is not a good credit card for anyone who has never used a travel-centric rewards car before. The whole layout of your rewards can be confusing. This even seems to be true for those trying to maximize the potential of the rewards specifically within Asiana Airlines.

Still, if you are already a frequent flyer on this airline, and you occasionally supplement that with airlines under the Star Alliance, there are enough rewards within this card to at least justify the idea of getting one for yourself. Just make it a point to fully understand how best to use your miles to get as many freebies as possible from Asiana Airlines. Anything less than that might be a waste of time.

Asiana Airlines Costs

As we mentioned before, there is a $99 annual fee associated with this card. This is on the high end of annual fees that are connected with airline-based rewards credit cards like this one. However, the bonus miles and certificates are such that if you use them intelligently, you will cancel out the annual fee in straightforward fashion

The APR associated with this card is quite good, to be honest. While we do not know what kind of credit (probably good-to-excellent) you need to get this card, we can tell you the APR is going to fall somewhere in the vicinity of 14.24%. This is an excellent APR for a card such as this.


The Asiana Credit Card is deeply flawed on at least a couple of crucial levels. It is virtually useless outside of Asiana Airlines, which includes the fact that the card can be utilized through airlines under the Star Alliance umbrella. On the other hand. If you can meet the extremely specific requirements that are associated with this card, there is enough to get excited about to at least consider adding this card to your wallet. Obviously, this should not be your primary card under any circumstances.

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