What are the Best PayDay Loans in Boise?

How to choose the Best PayDay Loans in Boise?

Payday loans are definitely for the desperate in the Boise, Idaho, area.  It is something that you absolutely have to have a need for in order to go to the extremes that this state allows.  This is the least regulated state as far as these loans are considered and the lenders, not all of them, do as they please.

On the flip side of that coin, there are plenty of viable options for borrowers who do find themselves in the situation where they need financial help in a hurry, if they want to pay exorbitantly for it.  In this state the debt, taking a payday loan, is just the beginning of your financial crisis. 

There was a planned ruling set to be imposed on lenders where they were going to be forced to take extra steps to ensure that potential customers had the means to repay the loans in full on the due dates.  The federal government barred the ruling.  They believe this will reduce access for short-term loan for consumers.

Industry associates concur that setting strict rules with lenders will only limit the borrowers from being able to obtain the money that they need to survive the burdens that they are facing.  How are these loans helping these financially burdened citizens when there are statistics siting thirty-one million in overdraft bank fees on payday loans and over sixty-five million in fees for title loans coming out of these already way overextended budgets.

Cities such as Boise are attempting to put some regulations on the lenders in as much as they are able.  The lenders there are only allowed to loan up to $1000 maximum to each person and the loans can only account for twenty-five per cent of the customer’s gross income.  Also, all lenders are required to be licensed.

This does not specify a max to the loan term.  It is possible to have a very short loan term come in and have a very high interest rate attached to that term causing repayment of that balance to be impossible.  Officials recommend that folks avoid payday loans and do anything they can instead.  Are there good payday loan stores?  There are many that were weeded through.  Let’s look at three options.



  Must be over the age of eighteen.  They can lend up to $1000.  The requirements include a steady source of income with proof of that when you come in, United States citizenship, social security card, a valid checking account, government-issued ID, physical address, contact phone number. If you have borrowed from them previously, they will check your credit history with them to determine if you can be approved again, and they will check your consumer report from the Consumer Reporting Agency.  They have a $25 returned check fee. They used a loan in the amount of $100 as the example to show what the APR and finance charge would be with a fourteen-day term.  APR was 430.18% and finance was $16.50.  This is all affected by amount borrowed and term taken.

  • Check Into Cash

Must be over eighteen.  You can either borrow online or in the store.  If you borrow online you can max borrow $1000.  If you borrow in store, you can max borrow $800.  They also offer title loans of up to $25,000. The requirements include bringing your social security card, government-issued ID, checking account information including bank routing number, pay stub.  They require a $20 return check fee.  Their typical loan term is two to four weeks.  They do not want folks to use this as a long-term loan alternative. They pride themselves on their store offering a secure and confidential loan process.  They have over twenty years experience and have an A+ with the Better Business Bureau.

  • Lend Nation

Must be over the age of eighteen.  They offer loan max up to $1000.  They also will do in store or online application process with in store offering approval within a matter of minutes and online within a day.  They do not offer loans to military. They require Government-issued ID, social security card, proof of income, checking account information, two references, working phone. They have a 651.78% APR regardless of the loan amount.  the finance charge ranges depending on loan term and amount borrowed.  If you take the loan for seven days with the beginning loan amount of $100 all the way through the ending loan amount of $1000 with increments in between of $100, the finance charge will range from $12.50 to $125.00.  If you take the loan for fourteen days with the same scenario, the finance charge will range from $25.00 to $250.  If you take the loan for 30 days, the finance charge will range from $53.57 to 535.71.  They have been in business for over thirty years.


Companies are banding together in the Boise and Idaho as a state seeing that people are getting themselves in trouble with these payday loans.  They’re doing different incentive programs, e.g. loans at work or pay advancements, things that won’t hurt the employees as badly when pay day comes around. Walmart is a big proponent to try to get their employees away from using payday loans. 

There is also an app just coming out called Payactiv that is supposed to provide folks with low interest loans of small amounts which is being heralded as a much better alternative to the payday loan trap.  It’s also helping these people get financially stable, showing them how to get into a situation where they can begin to set money aside for a savings account and get themselves on a budget.

Advisers are also urging people to look into other avenues until your able to go out and get another sources of income, if that’s an option.  Finding a better job, another job, a side gig, getting more money into the home is very important if there’s not enough coming in to pay your regular essential life requirements of food, shelter, transportation, clothing.  Those are necessities.  If you can’t meet those needs with what you bring in, there needs to be other resources of income being brought into the home whether it be through working or other means.

Preparing for emergencies is a responsible way to defray costs.  If you are uninsured, check medicaid eligibility in Boise, Idaho.  You could qualify and not even know it.  Kids may be eligible for CHIP.  If you need help buying groceries, apply for State Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP).  You may well qualify for assistance with finding affordable housing or paying your rent or utilities. 

Payday loans are a great way to help when you need a quick cash hit if you have an emergency and nowhere to turn.  The problem is if you can’t afford your bills and you take out this loan already not being able to pay your bills, how are your going to fit this bill in when it comes due?  That’s how the cycle starts. 

You really have to think about how expensive it is in Boise to take out this kind of cash.  If you do have the kind of emergency that requires no other alternative but to do this, then you need to make sure that your next paycheck will be able to take the hit of paying it off immediately so you’re not saddled with that exorbitantly high interest rate.  It’s honestly almost worth it when the next payday comes to forego everything else just to make sure that you can get it completely paid off in one lump sum and not have to deal with it any longer than that one term.

Boise is one place where research is a real requirement when even considering taking out one of these loans.  It is imperative that you know every fee, every dollar they’re gonna take, the term, and if your really prepared for what could be a long battle of debt ahead of you.  It seems like in Boise that’s what ends up happening to a lot of folks there.  They get into the trap and they can’t get back out.  It takes a long, long time. 

With the statistic on how many people who have gone overdraft and the staggering figure at $31 million dollars, that kind of speaks for itself.  These lenders are not playing.  They’re in it to make some bucks.  It just takes you through the thought process of what they would do if you just simply cannot pay.  Is Boise a city that would pursue criminal charges, would they simply sue, or do they just keep taking fees out of the bank account until it’s depleted and there’s no more to take.


The city and state are a little bit scary at how unregulated they are  and how much control the lenders are really given in these situations.  The thing is the borrowers don’t mind.  They have lots of options to go and get the money they need, and they don’t seem to be complaining about the situations they’re finding themselves in.  They keep going back for more. Who are we to judge?

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