Chase business credit card Review: Pro’s & Con’s

Introduction to the chase business credit card

As a small business owner, you need a quality credit card. Chase offers several credit cards for business owners including the Ink Business Credit Card. There are several different models of this credit card including the business, cash, unlimited and preferred all offer around the same options. Many individuals in finance recommended that you try the Chase business credit card as it has a lot to offer you. You will get valuable transfer points that you can use to book your hotels or flights. these points are flexible and can be used with many hotel and Airline partners. there are many benefits to the Chase Ink business credit card.

Benefits And Rewards  Of The Chase Business Credit Card

Please note that there are several different ink business cards. The benefits and options that you get will vary between cards so you will have to decide exactly what benefits are going to work for you. Please speak to your provider to find out the benefits they’re going to work the best for your needs. Here are some of the major benefits that you will get by using Chase Ink Business credit cards.

Transferrable Points

One of the major benefits of using his credit card is you get transferable points to book hotels as well as flights when you use the Chase travel portal. You can use these points for many different partners so you have the flexibility that you need. Not only do you have the ability to use the chase travel portal but you can transfer your points through for hotel partners and 9 Airline partners that work with Chase. if you are a frequent business traveler, this card is an excellent option for you.

The points will transfer at a ratio of one to one and the process happens instantly. You can book and transfer within just a couple of minutes. You will get the most value out of these points if you use them for traveling purposes so if you like you often have to for business reasons, this is the perfect credit card for you to have on your travels.

By using these cards you will also get bonus points on your purchases within the first 3 months. this means that you can rack up a lot of points if you use your card frequently. You can earn an additional three points on categories such as the Internet, shipping, travel, cable, or phone services. You can also earn points on purchases you make for advertising through search engines or social media sites. As an example, if you spend around $150,000 per year on your card you could potentially earn around 450,000 reward points. This would be enough for a first class ticket on many airlines around the world. You would have enough points left over to reward yourself with a stay and an excellent Hotel. The points that you will receive will vary depending upon the different business cards that you end up using.

Protection Benefits

Another nice part about these cards is that you have protections as a business owner when using this card. You have purchase protection up to $10,000. as a business owner, you’re going to be making a lot of purchases for your business so having purchase protection is an excellent option just in case something should happen to your shipments. if your card is stolen or damaged within a hundred twenty days that you get it you’re also eligible for a purchase protection benefit. You have the ability to file a claim up to $10,000 and you can claim up to $50,000 per the calendar year with the benefit.

You can also get cell phone protection which is an excellent option if you are a business owner. This is an option that is not provided by many credit cards. Per claim, you will be covered up to $600. You only get coverage if you are paying for your cell phone with your Chase business credit card. You should do this as you will earn three times the reward points for each dollar that you spend.


As a business owner, you often have to purchase equipment that is very expensive and you want to be covered in case you have a problem with this equipment. With this business card, you have a warranty benefit up to $10,000 per claim that you make.

Travel Protection

You can also get travel protections with your Chase Ink business card. You will get an insurance benefit for a trip delay up to $500. It can be very inconvenient to have a flight delay but you will get reimbursed for your expenses with this credit card. If you are a frequent traveler, flight delays can be common so you want flight insurance. if you have a flight that is delayed by 12 hours or more where you have to stay overnight at a location and then fly out the next morning,  there is a reimbursement up to $500 for any expenses that are deemed to be reasonable. These expenses can include things such as ground transportation, meals, hotel stay, and other expenses. You will have to get some documentation from your airline to indicate that the flight was delayed so you can put in a proper claim. For any purchase that you would like to claim please keep all of your receipts.

Baggage Delay Insurance

When you are traveling, baggage delays can be a real headache. With this card, you can get a $500 of a value insurance benefit for any baggage delays. If you have checked bags that have a delay of over six hours you may be eligible for reimbursement if you have to purchase items that are essential to you for your travels.

Other Benefits

There are other benefits available to you such as a lost luggage coverage benefit, trip Interruption trip cancellation, and other benefits. Please note that the benefit to do very so you will have to talk to your individual provider about the benefits that are available to you depending upon which Chase Ink business card you decide to go with.

Card Drawbacks

There can be some drawbacks to this card especially if you are not a frequent Traveler. If you are a business person but don’t travel often, this card might not be the best for you. The maximum benefits you will get out of this card is if you are a frequent Traveler. In some of the categories, you won’t get the best cash back and other cards may give you better benefits. If you travel outside of the USA there will be a foreign transaction fee of 3%. if you are a foreign business travel this is not going to be the best card for you. some of the cards will have balance transfer fees so you should be aware of this before you purchase. The drawbacks you will get will vary depending upon the individual Chase business credit card that you purchase. For example, the Chase Ink Preferred business card will waive the foreign transaction fee so that is a better option if you’re an overseas flyer.


There are several business cards provided by Chase so let’s have a look at the cost and what you’re going to get with each one of these cards individually.

•           Ink Business Unlimited – 0% APR for 12 months and $600 bonus cash back once you have you spent $3000, on purchases in the 1st three months. There Is no annual fee and you’ll earn 1.5% cash back when you make business purchases

•           Ink Business Cash – 0% APR for 12 months and 5% cash back on first $25,000. On combined purchases on phone, supplies, cable, internet. You get 2% cash back with the 1s $25,000 at restaurants, gas stations, 1% cash back on all credit card purchases ad no limit. No annual fees

•           Ink Business Unlimited –  $500 bonus cash back after $3,000 is spent. 0% APR for 12 months. 3% foreign fee for transactions and 1.5% cash back rewards

•           Ink Business Preferred – 80,000 bonus points after $5,000 spent. No foreign exchange fees but $95 annual fee. 3 points per $1 spent on first $150,000 on combined purchases. works with many airline partners

If you want all of the benefits you’re going to want the ink business Preferred Card but this one will cost you $95 as an annual fee.

User Reviews

Most users had no real problems with the Chase Ink Business Card. The card helps your business and your credit rating if you use it often. Users indicated that they received great customer service and that the card was a good choice for their business needs. The card may not be the best for those that don’t use a credit card often as you’ll benefit the most as a frequent user.

Conclusion on the Chase Business Credit Card

For those that travel or are frequent credit card users, this business card by Chase is an excellent option. They have several cards available to meet your needs so be sure to pick the best one that is suitable for you. Most users that received the Chase Ink Business Card were very happy with it.

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