EasyMarkets Review 2019: Pro’s & Con’s

Quick History of easyMarkets

EasyMarkets was originally founded all the way back in 2001, then under the name easyForex, and was really one of the pioneering brokers that specifically focused on providing retail Forex trading opportunities to individuals around the world.

Right out of the gate, easyMarkets started securing a major regulatory license in Australia with the Australian Securities and Exchange Commission. Shortly after that they began to look for other major regulatory licenses they could bring under their belts, and in 2007 they were able to receive regulatory licenses through the Cypress Securities and Exchange Commission as well.

The initial trading platform available through this Forex brokerage was something that they had cooked up in-house, a proprietary suite of tools that is still updated and still available to anyone that wants to leverage this solution. About six years after they were established, however, they also began to partner with Meta-Trader (in industry leader) and currently offer MT4 trading platforms for anyone that wants to leverage this specific setup.

Uniquely, easyMarkets has found a way to integrate option trading capabilities through the ORE Technologies platform into both their proprietary setup as well as the MT4 platform. This gives individual investors a lot more flexibility and opportunity to execute the kinds of trades they are most interested in.

Investment Opportunities

EasyMarkets made a major pivot in 2016 when they decided to rebrand.

No longer were they going to be a Forex only platform, but instead were going to offer multiple different asset classes and investment opportunities while still maintaining the Forex market backbone that they had been built on top of.

Today this approach to flexibility allows easyMarkets to provide all of their account holders and opportunity to invest in nearly 200 different investment instruments, investment instruments that include 97 different cryptocurrency pairs, 22 different metals, 12 different commodities, 15 different indices, and 29 different options as well as forward contract opportunities.

All of this has come together in just the last 2+ years for easyMarkets and they clearly have a plan to continue to expand their base of operations as far as investment opportunities for their clientele is concerned.

Cryptocurrency cannot yet be traded as actual cryptocurrency through the easyMarkets platform, though there are plenty of opportunities to trade multiple different crypto solutions as a CFD.

Commission and Fee Structure

Three different account types are available for those that want to begin trading with this Forex brokerage, with commissions and fees across all three different levels being a little bit different and a little bit distinct from one another.

Overall trading costs are variable as are the trading spreads that you are likely to find, with the VIP commissions and fees available from this platform being the most competitive of the bunch.

This is also the highest level account you can hold with easyMarkets, an account that requires you to go forward with a $2500 deposit. You’ll get fixed spreads of one pip on the EURO to US DOLLAR executions, though you might see pips that can get as high as 1.8 should you choose to take advantage of the MT4 tools instead of the proprietary platform set up by easyMarkets to begin with.

EasyMarkets also provides numerous opportunities to enjoy high-volume trading discounts if that’s something you’re interested in pursuing. New accounts (the lowest level) can be set up with an initial minimum deposit of just $100 which isn’t quite as nice as getting a free standard level account but the $100 hurdles shouldn’t be all that difficult for most folks to clear.

Research Library and Tools

Research from easyMarkets is mostly provided by third-party partners, with tight integration across some of the most influential trading platforms and news operations from around the world.

Sentiment indicators, new economic news calendars, streaming headlines, and more are all provided as part of the research you’ll get from third-party operations. In-house research is available as well on a daily basis, including in-house analysis that offers technical and fundamental breakdowns that individuals can be used to influence the trades they make here.

Daily reports, weekly outlooks, weekly recaps of the entire Forex world, and news articles published daily – often times numerous times throughout the day – are all going to be available as part of the research component of the easyMarkets platform.

On top of all that, easyMarkets also provides maybe the deepest in-house Forex trading protocols and programs you’re going to find anywhere on the market today.

We’re talking about more than 50 different resources designed to help new and veteran investors make the smartest decisions possible in the world of forex. Video courses, e-book courses, and interactive courses are all available as part of the research library you will be able to dive into as soon you create a new account here.

Social trading signals, copy trading signals, social sentiments, and other research solutions are available here, too.

Customer Support

Customer service and support through easyMarkets is pretty top-notch, providing individuals plenty of opportunity to reach out in English as well as a variety of other languages to get support in a language they feel most comfortable with.

Support should be taken advantage of through the online web platform this company has set up, especially if you’re looking for the quickest answers to any and all of your forex work platform specific questions.

The knowledge base (part of the Learning Center available in the research library of easyMarkets) is also another avenue for support, acting as a self-support kind of center that may have answers to the kinds of questions you are navigating with this set up.

Ease of Use

Two major platforms are available to take advantage of on the easyMarkets brokerage, with the proprietary system designed by easyMarkets certainly the one pushed most heavily by this operation – though MT4 is also aggressively promoted (and a lot of people choose to go in this direction, too).

The proprietary tools are built 100% in HTML 5 to take advantage of the latest online internet standards, but it’s also going to offer a cleaner and easier to use interface than almost any of the other tools out there – MT4 included.

Everything is neatly designed, well organized, and easy to understand with all the power tools you could ever hope to take advantage of effortlessly accessible through only a handful of clicks of your mouse spirit this isn’t something that you’re going to have a difficult time learning how to use, that’s for sure.

Plenty of advanced features are cooked right into this platform as well, giving you ample opportunity to really dive deep into different trading solutions, different charts, and different research that can inform the decisions you’re making on-the-fly. This is a really well-designed set up top to bottom.

If you decide to move forward with MT4 you obviously understand exactly what you’re getting with this toolset, too. There’s a reason why so many different Forex brokers choose to use this platform, and that’s because it’s been recognized across the industry as one of the simplest, most straightforward, and most efficient brokerage tools on the planet.


EasyMarkets holds multiple regulatory licenses in Australia, in Cyprus, and in the European Union which lends a lot of extra credibilities other brokerages do not have

easyMarkets offers slippage free execution available on almost every single trade, as well as trade protection tools (though you will have to pay a premium to unlock this feature)

Three separate cryptocurrency CFDs have already been made available on this platform in just the last year, with others planned to be offered in the future as well

easyMarkets 100% guarantees completely free stop-loss orders by default with no strings attached


As of early 2019, only fixed spreads can be taken advantage of through this platform

The instance of MT4 available through easyMarkets lags a little bit behind the “official” release as far as features are concerned

Final Verdict

With close to 200 different investment instruments available to pick and choose from – and more added to this multi-asset brokerage on a regular basis – there are plenty of opportunities to dive headfirst into the world of forex (and beyond) with easyMarkets.

The fact that this operation is licensed in a couple of major regulatory hubs, as well as the fact that it has been given the green light from the European Union, certainly gives it a lot of legitimacy in an industry where legitimacy is everything.

Setup is simple and straightforward, the tools available to actually execute trades are effortless to take advantage of, and the research library here is one of the best in the business. Combine that with stop loss trade protection built right in, guaranteed GSLO features included as well, and premium trade protection tools that include deal cancellation and rate freezes and you’re looking at something truly special here.

The spreads, commissions, and fees available from easyMarkets aren’t all that competitive until you bump up to the VIP level, but this is still one of the most influential Forex brokers on the planet and will continue to be so for years to come.

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