Freeway Insurance Review 2019

Introduction to Freeway Insurance

Based in Huntington Beach, California, Freeway Insurance is a company that works in twelve different states across the United States. Established in 1987, the company has gained a decent following among the states in which they exist. While this may be an appealing option for those looking for cheap car insurance in their state, understand that with Freeway, there are a number of things you should be wary of. This is not a company with a great track record in certain regards. While it may turn out that Freeway is a good fit for your needs and your lifestyle, there are several elements to this carrier that should nonetheless be kept in mind.

The Basics Of Freeway Insurance

The coverage available through Freeway is about what you’d expect. You have coverage for bodily injuries, property damages, coverage for underinsured/uninsured individuals, and much more. Collison coverage is offered, in addition to comprehensive, medical payments, and protection from personal injury. In other words, just about everything you might want from an insurance carrier is likely to be found here. Just keep in mind that with Freeway Insurance, there is a good deal more that should be taken into consideration.

This provider is available in the following states:

  • Arizona
  • Florida
  • California
  • Illinois
  • New York
  • Nevada
  • Texas
  • Massachusetts
  • Missouri
  • South Carolina
  • Wisconsin

Perks associated with the carrier include 24/7 assistance, as well as the opportunity to interact with a local agent.

Pros And Cons Of Freeway Insurance

One of the most important things to understand with Freeway is that we are talking about a brokerage. What this means is that Freeway Insurance helps their clients to find policies that will ultimately be issued by other companies. The idea of working through Freeway is that one is trusting them to ensure they are getting the best and cheapest possible rates for their car insurance. While this has proven to be the case for some, this unfortunately doesn’t seem to be so for everyone who turns to these guys.

With a little research, you will find that Freeway has been accused on a number of occasions of engaging in less-than-stellar business practices. If you check out some of the reviews of the carrier, you will find many people accusing them of what is known as a bait-and-switch tactic. In other words, customers have complained of Freeway Insurance promising them one rate, only to deliver something else (higher) entirely. This is something you should definitely keep in mind.

Furthermore, Freeway has also been accused by customers of working with shady insurance companies. Many have also complained about Freeway being less-than-transparent, with regards to the broker fees they charge clients. Understand that these broker fees are always going to be the result of working with a company such as this one. Some don’t mind paying for the convenience. This is particularly true, if they are pleased with their insurance rates. However, this does not seem to be the case for a significant number of individuals who choose this company.

Freeway can probably meet your needs, in terms of the specific type of coverage you are after. At the same time, there are a lot of issues with this provider. There are some flaws that most people probably won’t be able to overlook. Of all the downsides to this company, their poor customer service ratings with many of their past customers is one of the most unfortunate. 

Compared to other car insurance companies, particularly the national ones, Freeway Insurance has a dismal customer service rating. This is one of the most important considerations with an auto insurance provider. When you find yourself dealing with the aftermath of a serious accident, the last thing you want to do is find yourself with a provider who won’t have your back. This has apparently been the case for many people who have worked with Freeway. We just can’t call them a reliable company.

Unanticipated fees are worth mentioning again. This is something else you are going to find in many Freeway Insurance reviews. A wide number of Freeway customers have reported finding such fees on their bills. These fees can include the broker fees, but it would seem as though Freeway has done this for a number of other reasons. This has happened often enough that we can’t help but be a little suspicious of them.

As a means of finding lower car insurance rates, Freeway can be helpful. At the same time, we would strongly argue that Freeway is asking a lot from its customers, simply for the convenience of helping them secure an affordable car insurance rate. It is ultimately easier than ever to research car insurance rates on your own. Freeway seems to work best with people who do not fully appreciate that. Some are so anxious at the thought of shopping for car insurance, they prefer to just let someone take care of everything. If you consider yourself to be such a person, Freeway Insurance might be the way to go.

Nonetheless, we still think it is best to avoid Freeway altogether.

Services, Discounts, And More From Freeway

One of the most unusual things about Freeway would have to be the range of companies they generally work with. Many of these companies have very poor ratings with their customers to begin with. That doesn’t include the experience you may have with Freeway. Empower Insurance and Safeway Insurance are two examples of providers with ties to Freeway. You will also find that Freeway has worked with such names as Mercury Insurance, Western General, Stonewood, Norwalk, and Multi-State. Some of these carriers are fine. However, many of them have reputations even poorer than Freeway Insurance. If you are still on the fence about Freeway at this point, we would strongly encourage you to do some basic research on all of those providers.

One nice thing about Freeway? Regardless of your desired level of coverage, Freeway will likely be able to present you with some options. Just don’t forget that you can also just buy insurance from the company directly. There is no law that says you have to pay a broker fee, unless you are working with one.

The fees can range from a $100 to several hundred. It seems to vary from one individual to the next. Virtually everyone hit with these fees later indicated that they did not know such fees were going to be leveled in the first place.

Is Freeway Insurance Right For Me?

One nice thing about Freeway Insurance is that you don’t technically have to live in one of their twelve covered states to utilize their services. The twelve states are simply the ones in which you can find offices of Freeway agents. You can still call Freeway to have them search for your insurance rates. You can also explore what Freeway has to offer through their website.

While the idea of a broker makes sense, it is hard to justify the hidden costs, problematic associations, and poor customer service ratings. These are things that are just as important as the rates, as far as we are concerned. What good is it to save on your car insurance, if you will just have to pay for things like broker fees and other hidden undesirables.

Freeway also has a noted reputation for offering services to Spanish-speaking drivers. This is perhaps why the company has physical offices in many states with high populations of those who speak Spanish.


In terms of discounts, there isn’t much we can honestly tell you about Freeway Insurance. While the company indicates that discounts can be obtained by drivers with good records, there is no proof that such discounts even exist. None of the reviews we looked into suggested discounts are actually given out by Freeway. This is yet another reason why it is difficult for us to recommend this company.

We would strongly advise you to be wary of any quotes you come across while online. Remember that one of the most consistent criticisms of Freeway is the fact that they promise one quote, only to then deliver something else entirely. It is also highly unlikely that your Freeway agent is going to be forthcoming about those hidden fees that may come your way.

Some have even alleged that Freeway has charged them without even providing an actual policy! If you know anyone who has worked with Freeway in the past, you may want to ask them about this. While we can’t confirm that this has happened, this is another consistency we have noticed in many of the Freeway Insurance reviews we have encountered. Others have indicated that Freeway engages in the practice of claiming to cancel the policy of a client, only to not actually do that. While Freeway has a good rating with the Better Business Bureau, we simply cannot ignore the strikes against this provider. These are serious accusations. They demand more research on your part, and they should make you at least wary of trusting them with your insurance needs.

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