Geico Auto Insurance Review

Introduction Geico Auto Insurance

Established in 1936, Geico Auto Insurance has become one of the giants of the industry. Not only do they operate within all fifty states in the U.S., including the District of Columbia, but they also have one of the largest customer bases to be found anywhere. The company currently provides coverage for more than twenty-four million vehicles across the country. They are also noted for having some of the most successful, recognizable advertisements in their industry, as well. By this point in time, virtually all of us have seen the iconic Geico Gecko in one form or another. Simply put, when people research their options for the best auto insurance company, Geico is inevitably one of the first companies they encounter.

To be sure, the reviews associated with this brand are largely positive. The majority of Geico customer reviews you will encounter will cite the company’s competitive rates, solid customer service, and national reputation. Does this mean your search for the best car insurance company has come to an end? Perhaps, but not necessarily. Some customers have expressed certain frustrations with Geico that are well worth exploring in greater detail. At the same time, it is also important to remember that at the end of the day. Geico Auto Insurance isn’t inherently for everyone. There are several elements to this company that should be appreciated in greater detail.

The Basics Of Geico Auto Insurance

Geico may have a powerful brand recognition element among the general public, but it is also abundantly clear that the company has built their name on so much more than just a few clever TV ads. Although the Maryland-based company first opened its doors in the mid-1930s, it wasn’t until several decades later that they shaped themselves into the juggernaut they currently are. As we mentioned before, anyone doing research on the best auto insurance companies will likely come across Geico early on. Basic research shows that Geico has solid rates for good drivers, combined with other necessities you should look for in an auto insurance provider.

Geico Auto Insurance also offers a robust online experience, which we will discuss in greater detail. The company also has much to offer in the way of discounts and options for coverage. This can make them a great fit for most, but there are still several things to keep in mind.

Pros And Cons Of Geico Auto Insurance

Simply put, if you have a good driving record, there is a solid chance that Geico is going to be your best bet. As far as clean driving records are concerned, Geico has some of the most competitive auto insurance rates to be found anywhere. Naturally, those specific rates can vary from one driver to the next. It is also worth keeping in mind that this advantage begins to dissipate, depending on the condition of said driving record. If you have any at-fault accidents on your driving record, you may find that Geico doesn’t have the best rates for your needs.

If you have had an at-fault accident within the last five years, then you may want to look elsewhere for auto insurance. 

The sheer size of Geico can be seen as both a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, Geico Auto Insurance offers numerous lines of insurance. This makes managing all of your vehicle (and perhaps other) insurance needs from a single carrier. Simplicity is always something desired in auto insurance shopping. By the same token, it can be difficult for a first-time shopper to fully understand everything in front of them. Geico makes it as easy as possible to understand what they bring to the table, but it also seems reasonable to imagine you will find the whole experience to be a little overwhelming. It doesn’t help that Geico doesn’t have anything to offer those who prefer working with local auto insurance agents. This is perhaps the trade-off for getting an app and website that allow you to handle all of your needs while online. The local agent element is not something you may need, but it is worth keeping in mind all the same. 

Further Pros And Cons Of Geico Auto Insurance

It also helps to understand that Geico works with numerous underwriters. The underwriter you wind up is going to largely depend on where you live. To that end, we would strongly encourage anyone considering Geico to do research on the specific underwriter you are going to work with. You may find that the underwriter is not what you are looking for. Knowing this can go a long way towards avoiding issues with Geico as a whole that you may have down the road.

At the end of the day, even without the local element, Geico Auto Insurance seems to do quite well on the customer service side of things. You can answer many of your questions by using their website or comprehensive mobile app. If you decide you would prefer to talk to a real person, Geico will give you the ability to do this, as well. Overall, most of the Geico insurance reviews you will come across will report good customer service experiences. Their overall reputation for paying claims in a timely fashion is also quite strong. Again, Geico might be one of the largest national insurance companies to be found anywhere, but that does seem to consist of more than clever marketing. Whether you need multiple forms of insurance, or a company that rewards you consistently for being a good driver, Geico seems to work well more often than not.

A Look At Geico Auto Insurance Policies

Geico can be a great choice for those who want a company that understands and appreciates the digital era. As we mentioned before, Geico can be a little overwhelming to a first-time visitor. For example, in addition to being a car insurance company, Geico offers insurance options on just about every type of vehicle you can possibly imagine. The list includes motorcycles, ATVs, and even homeowners insurance. We aren’t going to review these things in greater detail, but it is important to appreciate that Geico really wants all of your insurance business. 

A Prime Time Contract is just one example of what you can find through Geico Auto Insurance. This is a program designed for drivers of fifty years of age or older. It is a guaranteed auto insurance renewal opportunity with some solid benefits. You have to be violation/accident-free for at least three years, and you also won’t be able to add anyone under the age of twenty-five to the policy.

Auto Repair Xpress is another example of what Geico brings to the table. This connects you to a deep network of auto repair shops that work with Geico. Going to one of these shops can prove to be a good way to save money.

Geico even offers a unique car-buying service. This option lets you compare prices on cars you are interested in your area. The best part about it? You don’t even need to have Geico auto insurance to take advantage of this service.

We are really just scratching the surface of what Geico has to offer. Bodily injuries, property liability, collisions, comprehensive coverage, uninsured/underinsured options, coverage for medical payments and personal injuries, and gap insurance (for leased vehicles) are just a few of the basic options you can explore at Geico. Mechanical breakdown coverage and rideshare insurance are two more possibilities that you can check out. Geico also features a strong Emergency Road Service element. This service covers just about anything that might happen to you while on the road. You can even get coverage for up to $100 worth of locksmith services. Accident forgiveness and glass coverage are two more examples of services you should check out while learning about Geico. There are also federal employee discounts, military discounts, good driving record discounts, defensive driver discounts, student driver discounts, and more.

Just on the auto insurance discount side of things, Geico Auto Insurance discounts are impressive and varied.


Despite being absolutely massive, which can be a turnoff for some auto insurance shoppers, the end result with Geico seems to be pretty positive for most of their customers. Any relationship with any insurance company is best seen as a long-term relationship. You aren’t just buying coverage for your car because the law demands it. You are purchasing auto insurance as a means of having someone reliable in your corner. While you definitely want to do more research on your possibilities, it is clear that for most people, Geico Auto Insurance should be near to the top of your list.

This company has more good points than bad points, although this doesn’t automatically apply to everyone. Even if your driving record is less-than-perfect, we would suggest comparing Geico to some of your options. Only drivers with fairly dismal records should strongly consider going somewhere else. For anyone else, Geico is a good short and long-term auto insurance solution. The fact that you can easily handle everything online makes a good thing even better.

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