General Insurance Review 2019

Introduction to General Insurance

The General Insurance is another good example of an insurance company that has established a very high degree of visibility. This is due to the fact that they run a tremendous number of advertisements across local TV, while also advertising heavily online. At this point, most of us are familiar with the site of the computer animated-General, offering the best low rates to be found anywhere. Perhaps more impressively, the company promises that they can do this with virtually any driver. Regardless of your driving record, the provider argues, they are going to be able to match you up to some comprehensive, reliable coverage. To that end, the company has proven to be particularly popular with those who are considered to be high-risk drivers.

If you are indeed a high-risk driver, then you are already aware of just how tough it can be to get the auto insurance you require. After all, you are legally required in all states to have a certain amount of insurance. In the realm of companies that work with those who don’t have a lot of options, The General has a better reputation than most. However, this doesn’t mean there aren’t some potential negatives to keep in mind.

At the end of the day, The General Insurance is almost assuredly not a good fit for anyone who can actually shop around.

Pros And Cons Of The General Insurance

As we just mentioned, one of the biggest advantages within The General is that they will provide coverage to just about anyone. Even if you have a fairly dismal driving record, the odds of getting coverage from this company are pretty good. The General makes some bold claims about being able to provide insurance to just about anyone. On that specific front, it would seem that the company is indeed for real.

The General is also notable for having one of the best apps in the insurance industry. This may not sound like a big deal, but many people like the convenience of being able to handle all their questions and needs online, or in the form of a straightforward app. The General Insurance works well with those who need to make sure they can address any issues while online. 

However, if you are not someone with a history of car accidents, or other behavior that can make it difficult to get auto insurance, then you will almost definitely want to go somewhere else. There is a reason why the advertisements associated with this brand tend to focus on people who can’t get insurance anywhere else. While they can be good for someone who doesn’t have a lot of options, it’s very hard to recommend this company to someone with a good driving record. Given their extremely mediocre customer service reputation, combined with a poor reputation for payouts, the truth of the matter is that most people should avoid this company. Unfortunately, if you are someone who can’t get insurance anywhere else, and you are required to have insurance in your state, avoiding The General can prove to be easier said than done.

When it comes to payout time with The General Insurance, you are probably going to run into some problems. The range of complaints against The General in this area makes for a long list of frustrated individuals. 

It stands to reason that in the event of a car accident, you will need to get your claim handled quickly. While some have reported that they were paid their claim in a more or less timely fashion, this has not proven to be the case with many others. In other words, if you are looking for a company with a good reputation for handling payments quickly, this is probably not the company for you.

Worse yet, their customer service record in general seems to be a bit on the spotty side. Reviews of The General have cited that even in the event of simply having a question about their coverage, getting an answer proved to be easier said than done. This is perhaps why the company put together such a strong app. To be fair, you can get many answers to your questions by using your app, or even by going online to their website.

Nonetheless, if you have a poor record, and you are interested in getting the lowest rates possible, The General can be everything you require. Those who need more are going to want to probably compare some other options for carriers.

One more thing that you want to note with The General Insurance: According to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, the company’s complaint rating stands at 2.12. While this maty not sound like very much, remember that the median is 1.00. This translates to a keen understanding that the General receives well beyond the average number of complaints. At the same time, the company has strong ratings with regards to their financial strength. This means that they do indeed have the money to pay out claims. They also have paid many claims, but not in a fashion that many consider to be timely.

Let’s take a closer look at everything you can expect with specific insurance coverage options at this company.

A Look At The General Auto Insurance Policies

While the company will ultimately extend a policy to just about anyone, it is pretty clear from their marketing that the bulk of their focus and interest falls to high-risk drivers. To that end, the company offers various limited optional coverage possibilities. At the same time, they also offer any of the choices with standard coverage that you might be expecting. Rental reimbursement is a good example of one such option. If your rental vehicle is involved in a car accident, your coverage with The General Insurance should protect you. Coverage starts at approximately twenty dollars per day, and you will be given a maximum period of thirty days.

In addition to deductible waivers that can be applied to certain pieces of safety equipment, the company also offers some coverage options for those who have custom touches made to their vehicle with aftermarket auto parts. For something like a fog light or bed liner, an individual can add as much as five thousand dollars in additional coverage. 

24/7 roadside assistance is also available through this company. In terms of actual availability and usefulness, the company is rather well-regarded.

With traditional coverage possibilities, you should be able to find just about anything you might be looking for. This includes comprehensive coverage, coverage for collisions, and liability protection. In addition to these items, The General also offers options for those seeking property damage protection for uninsured drivers, as well as coverage for medical payments. 

While The General Insurance discounts are a bit paltry, when compared to other carriers, there are still a few items of note. In particular, there is a discount available for homeowners. The nice thing about this discount is that you can take advantage of it with any home insurance provider. Their multi-vehicle discount can also be helpful. As is the case with most insurance companies, The General is willing to cut you a deal, if you in turn are willing to have multiple vehicles insured by them.

There is also a solid discount for those who are willing to pay the total costs of their policy upfront, as oppose to paying for it on a month-to-month basis.

Another interesting discount applies to drivers who had insurance before turning to The General. If this is the case, The General may extend a discount. This applies to companies other than The General, but keep in mind that it doesn’t work with all other auto insurance companies. 

Again, while these are pretty good discounts, the truth of the matter is that virtually all of them exist elsewhere. More to the point, they exist with companies that will have more to offer on the discount side of things.


For high-risk drivers, there is no question that The General can be an excellent choice. They are enormously popular, for obvious reasons, among drivers who have found it difficult-to-impossible to get coverage from other companies. A high-risk driver who receives coverage from The General Insurance has an excellent chance of receiving the lowest rates they could hope to find anywhere. For drivers with better records, the rates aren’t going to be all that impressive. In fact, on average, drivers with good records will find some of the worst rates available to them through The General.

With a poor claims process, combined with mediocre customer service, it is difficult to recommend The General for anyone who isn’t desperate. This is ultimately a reputable company, but those who think their prayers have been answered due to implied promises in their marketing will want to take a closer look. As is always the case with auto insurance companies, careful research is going to be extremely important. The General has something to offer to people, but that specific range of people is rather limited.

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