The 3 Best Payday Loan Companies In Colorado

The top Payday Lending Companies In Colorado

Payday loans continue to be an extremely popular option for those who need to obtain a significant amount of money quickly, but who are held back from doing so for one or several reasons. While payday loan laws can vary from one state to the next, the industry is a thriving one in Colorado. In other words, if you are looking for payday loan companies in Colorado, you are going to have several possibilities to explore in greater detail. There is no question that in many situations, obtaining a payday loan represents the best option for retaining control of your financial situation. Payday loans are popular, and the benefits are legitimate, but there is obviously more to this subject than just the notion of fast cash.

Understanding Payday Loans

A payday loan can help deal with unexpected expenses. It can also be useful in situations in which you need a little more money than your normal budget allows. Payday loans ultimately work best with extraordinary situations. In other words, we are not talking about a loan you want to utilize more than a handful of times in your life. The terms and fees can be strict, but they can also be manageable under the right circumstances. In other words, meeting the terms of a payday loan from one month to the next is likely to put you in financial hot water.

The benefits of payday loans can make for a long list. At the same time, it is important to not only choose a reliable payday lender, but to also make sure you understand everything the loan is going to demand of you. Anyone who has experience with payday loans will tell you that your best bet is to create a budget around the loan itself. In other words, before you ever take out the loan, you should make sure you have the financial resources to handle repaying the loan. Generally speaking, payday loans are repaid by the time your next paycheck comes through. However, some lenders will offer longer periods of time for repayment. No matter what, you should anticipate the likelihood of repaying the loan in ninety days or less. This is also true of installment loans, which are essentially the same concept as payday loans, but with a little more time for repayment.

Do I Need A Payday Loan?

The first thing you want to do is make sure a payday loan is the right call for your particular needs. It is important to exhaust other options that may demand less of you. At the same time, payday loans can free you from the burden of asking friends or family for money, which can prove to be highly problematic for a number of reasons. It is a straightforward loan solution that you can take advantage of almost immediately.

While you can use a payday loan for anything you please, it still isn’t something that should be used frivolously. Some use it to pay for the expenses associated with an upcoming trip, or as a means of dealing with some of the costs associated with going on vacation, but these are still likely to be rare situations. A payday loan is best utilized when it applies to a situation that is uncommon in your life. That can naturally include going out of town, but it can apply to car accidents, sudden medical bills, utilities you didn’t plan for, and other things along those lines.

If any of the above can be applied to your own situation, then it seems likely that you’re ready to explore the pros and cons of payday loans in greater details. From that point, it will be easy to know exactly what you want, as well as what you should expect, from any of the Colorado payday lenders you are going to come across in your research.

Pros And Cons Of Payday Loans

The pros of payday loans are worth discussing first. One of the biggest benefits is the simplicity of the entire concept. It is said that you can be approved for your payday loan in just a few hours, with the money coming in the same period of time. This is largely true. When it comes to fast money through a loan, few options are going to give you such results more effectively than a payday loan. You are also going to find the application process to be remarkably straightforward. You are only going to be asked a few basic questions, which includes meeting some extremely basic requirements.

How simple are payday loan requirements? You only need to be eighteen years old, in possession of a bank account, and a legal U.S. citizen. Some lenders also ask for applicants to be gainfully employed, but this is something that can vary from one Colorado lender to the next. Even with that addition, we are still talking about a loan type that asks for very little, as far as basic requirements are concerned.

It is also worth discussing the fees associated with payday loans, which some would see as a potential drawback. We are also going to take you through the subject of whether or not you need good credit to obtain a payday loan.

Payday Loan Fees And Credit Information

The fact that you don’t need good credit to get a payday loan is far and away one of the most meaningful benefits of all. Whether you have poor credit, or even if you have no credit at all, finding Colorado payday loan companies who will work with you shouldn’t be an issue.

At the same time, the fees associated with payday loans can strike you as high. Regardless of the company you choose in Colorado, it is likely you will have to pay additional fees. This is why we strongly suggest making a budget to help you figure out if you can handle the requirements of payday loans.

If you can, you are ready to take full advantage of this list of the 3 best payday loan companies in Colorado.

1. Loan Stop

With a physical location in Denver, as well as other locations, Loan Stop also boasts a good website that breaks down everything you need to know about payday loans. You can learn more about the benefits of trusting what you need to this company, while simultaneously reading testimonials from real Loan Stop customers. Another appealing element to this company is the ability to have all of your loans needs to be handled online.

2. Speedy Cash

Another example of a Colorado payday lender that offers not only a strong, comprehensive website, but also the ability to visit the physical location. At the same time, keep in mind that Speedy Cash is a national company, so there are locations in a number of states. If you want to handle everything related to your loan online, the company makes it easy enough to do that.

3. Moneytree

Offering installment loans, as well as referral options, Moneytree can be a good bet for someone who simply does not know where to begin. Their reputation is nearly as strong as the other two examples we mentioned, and you can visit their website to cover just about any question you may have.


Payday loan options are well worth exploring throughout Colorado. While it is true that this is not an ideal loan solution for absolutely everyone, you can still make a strong case that this is a loan option that can work for individuals more often than not. At the very least, this subject may demand additional research on your part.

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