The Best Western Credit Cards Reviewed in 2019

How to Choose the Best Western Credit Cards ?

The Best Western Credit Cards have been growing in popularity steadily over the last couple of years. This is partly due to the introduction of the Best Western Rewards loyalty program which helps the cardholders to get more rewards and value for their money. Western Hotels and Resorts also has an extensive network of over 4000 hotels in more than 100 countries. Most of these properties have witnessed significant upgrades and this has made the cards even more enticing.

The two improvements make the western credit cards a must have for all Best Western loyalists that are looking to get more from their expenses at Best Western Hotels and Resorts. But, what about the regular individuals who have no special interest in the Best Western Resorts? What about the people who are just looking for a credit card to make their everyday life more convenient and rewarding? Are the Best Western Credit Cards a good fit for them?

Best Western Credit Cards Overview

Best Western has three credit cards on offer; The Best Western Rewards Mastercard, the Secured Mastercard, and the Best Western Rewards Premium Mastercard.

Looking at the features of the three cards, it is clear that at least two of them are not your best pick if all you want is a credit card for everyday spending. We’ve seen credit cards with better rewards programs that can easily outmatch what the Best Western Rewards Mastercard and the Secured Mastercard have to offer. The two cards will earn you just one point for every dollar spent and the value of each point is approximately $0.0057. This brings the rewards rate at around 0.57% which is very low by all measures.

On the other hand, the Best Western Premium Mastercard is likely to reap you better rewards than the two but only if your annual expenses range from $10,000 to $12,000. Anything less or more than that will render the card less rewarding and you’ll be better off going for other cards.

Perhaps the best part about the Best Western Credit Cards is the 10% discount and automatic Platinum Elite Status you will get for the hotel reservations you make through This will help you get the most of the annual fees you are charged.

Here is a breakdown of the unique features of each of the Best Western Credit Cards on offer at the moment:

Best Western Rewards Secured MasterCard

The Rewards Secured Mastercard charges $40 in annual fees. Is it worth it? Well, the credit card is designed for individuals with poor credit scores but does it really hack into the list of the best credit cards for bad credit?

The card will earn you 5,000 bonus points upon making your first purchase. It’s not the best in the market but it is a good bonus nonetheless.

The APR here is also fixed at 21.24% and you will also be charged 3% in foreign transactions. The Rewards Secured MasterCard is also exempted from Best Western Anniversary Points program and there is also no Elite Status for the cardholders.

Best Western Rewards MasterCard

The Best Western Rewards MasterCard gives you the opportunity to earn 10,000 bonus points after spending $1,000 within the first three billing cycles. You will earn an additional 10,000 bonus points if you spend a total of $3,000 within the first six billing cycles.

Another benefit of this particular card is that there is no annual fee charged and hence owning the card is very affordable. You will also get 13 points for every dollar spent on Best Western hotels and 2 points per dollar on everything else.

Sadly, just like the Rewards Secured MasterCard, the Best Western Rewards cards doesn’t come with the anniversary points program. It also charges 3% foreign transaction fees and the variable APR range from 20.49% to 24.49%.

The cardholders will also be eligible for the Automatic Gold Elite Status and not the more-rewarding Platinum Elite Status as is the case with the Premium MasterCard. Under the Gold Elite Status, your base earning rate will increase by 10%.

To qualify for this card, you must have a good or excellent credit score.

Best Western Rewards Premium MasterCard

The Best Western Premium MasterCard comes with an introductory annual fee of $0 after which a fee of $59 kicks in. This introductory offer should help you get to use and know the card and see whether it is worth the $59 or not.

You will also receive 25,000 bonus points after spending $2,500 in the first three billing cycles and another 25,000 points if your total expenditure in the first six billing cycles comes to $5,000. If you spend at least $10,000 in 12 consecutive billing cycles, you will receive 20,000 bonus anniversary points.

The Premium MasterCard earns 20 points for every dollar spent on Best Western Stays and 2 points per dollar on everything else.

On top all that, this particular card comes with the automatic Platinum Elite status that will increase your base earning rate to 15%. You will also get free room upgrades and a “recognition gift” in all your stays. For full disclosure, we should tell you that the recognition gift can be something as standard as a bottle of water!

The card comes with a variable APR of between 18.74% to 24.74% and a foreign transaction fee of 3%.

The Best Western Rewards premium MasterCard is limited to the individuals with good to an excellent credit report.

How does Best Western Credit Cards compare to other similar cards in the market?

Discover it Secured

The Discover it Secured outshines Best Western Secured Credit Cards in various ways. Not only is it more accommodative to people with bad credit but it is also more rewarding. This card comes with 2% cash back on gas and restaurants expenditures on combined expenditures of up to $1000 per quarter. You will also get an unlimited 1% cashback on everything else.

Discover it Secured also comes with 0 annual fees!

If you are within the bad credit category, it is paramount that you work on your credit report to qualify for better cards in the future. Discover it makes this easier for you by providing you with free FICO score which you can access by just logging into your account online.

In summary, the Discover it Secured credit card is a better option as an everyday credit card for guys with bad credit than the Best Western Secured Credit Card.

Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Card

The Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Card comes with a $95 annual fee but it is better than the Premium MasterCard if you spend more than $5800 every year on non-Best Western products. The card’s rewards rate is set at 2% which is better than the Premium MasterCard.

However, if you spend between $10,000 to $12,000 every year, then you’re likely to get more value with the Premium MasterCard. Take note that anything more than that will make the card less valuable than the Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Card.

Final Thoughts

The Best Western Credit Cards are only a good option if you are a Best Western Stays lover. If not, then you can easily get better perks and more rewards with many other cards including standard travel credit cards. Best Western Cards are also a terrible choice for everyday purchases.

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