The Knowledge Business Blueprint Review- Is it worth the investment?

Introduction to the Knowledge Business Blueprint

We live in very interesting times to be an entrepreneur.

On the one hand, all of the old barriers to building a brand-new business from scratch have fallen by the wayside.

Today, with nothing more than a laptop (or smartphone), internet connection, and a shoestring budget you can build a legitimately global business in nothing more than an afternoon – and start making sales from real customers that same day.

This wasn’t EVER possible before.

On the flip side of things, however, EVERYONE with access to a laptop, internet connection, and a shoestring budget can also build a legitimately global business in nothing more than an afternoon. And that means that there is more competition than ever.

Every niche is crowded, every industry is competitive, and to every opportunity is being checked out by other people looking to create their financial future, too.

If you’re going to have any success at all in business today you need to have a blueprint that really works – and that’s exactly what The Knowledge Business Blueprint by Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi promised to deliver.

What Exactly is The Knowledge Business Blueprint, Anyway?

Tony and Dean are legends of the business and personal development industries, with Tony Robbins being may be the most recognizable person in the success industry today.

Tony is an absolute giant of a man in more ways than one, and individual that went from being a nighttime janitor at a rundown high school to being worth hundreds of millions of dollars today – all while influencing everyone from celebrity superstars, top-performing athletes, and global leaders across the planet.

Dean isn’t quite as much of a household name but is wildly successful as well, particularly when it comes to taking advantage of the “core” and foundation of The Knowledge Business Blueprint program – the mastermind.

He’s been able to build and sell numerous businesses for millions of dollars, capturing a decent amount of that profit for himself and creating the kind of financial future that all of us would love to enjoy ourselves.

In The Knowledge Business Blueprint program, both of these legends come together to demystify EXACTLY what it takes to build a successful business today. They rookie entrepreneurs that haven’t ever built a business and veteran business owners alike how to squeeze every drop of success of the same secret legendary business people throughout history have leveraged – the mastermind group.

The Knowledge Business Blueprint is not cheap but if you have money

to spend this course is worth every penny. Check their website for

more info.

What Makes a Mastermind So Important?

If you were to ask 100 super successful entrepreneurs what they considered to be the most important book they read that led them to their incredible success, 90 of them (at least) would mention Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.

For a book more than 100 years old now it is still one of the most consistently recommended books by and for entrepreneurs, a book that continues to be a perennial bestseller decades after the author passed away.

Amongst the secrets for success that the author was able to glean from the most prominent business titans of his time (including legendary entrepreneur Andrew Carnegie) was the idea of the mastermind.

Carnegie and others believed that they alone only possessed a small piece of the puzzle necessary for business success, and that every problem they looked at and every challenge they came across when running their business was filtered through a singular point of view – their own.

If you’ve ever heard the quote that “when you only have a hammer everything looks like a nail” you’ll understand exactly how limiting this singular point of view can be.

By reaching out to other successful business owners and entrepreneurs (not just in their own industry, but across all industries) that these legendary businessmen and women were able to transform their financial future by essentially pulling all of the brainpower in that room to see challenges in new ways, to innovate new solutions, and to create business breakthroughs almost out of thin air – with all of the successful people in that mastermind group pulling in the same direction and helping to improve ALL businesses participating.

In The Knowledge Business Blueprint program, Tony and Dean show you exactly how to take this same fundamental business practice that’s been used for hundreds of years (thousands, even) by top-tier business owners and make it work in our modern world where you have access to far more people to connect with thanks to the power of the internet.

Step by Step Process Helps You “Fill in the Blanks”

While Tony and Dean demystifying the process for building masterminds that help you achieve the kinds of business goals that you wouldn’t have been able to achieve otherwise is absolutely incredible, the fact that they are able to do so while breaking down the ENTIRE process into a step-by-step, fill in the blanks kind of program is nothing short of miraculous.

Plenty of entrepreneurs understand just how much of a difference a mastermind would make to their business but aren’t sure of how to find one, let alone how to build one from scratch all on their own.

This isn’t the kind of thing that just sort of falls into place, after all – not if you want it to be really valuable, anyway.

That’s why each and every one of the four individual modules that make up the backbone of The Knowledge Business Blueprint program are designed to walk you through outlining your goals, creating your ideal member avatar, extracting the core of what you want your mastermind to be about, and then going through the step-by-step process of filling the mastermind, running the mastermind, and eventually becoming a true “Knowledge Broker” – fast-tracking your road to success in ways you never would have thought possible previously.

It’s easy to get excited about everything that The Knowledge Business Blueprint program promises but once you see just how simple and how straightforward it is to do the work to put together this kind of mastermind thanks to the heavy lifting Tony and Dean have handled for you everything changes completely.

There isn’t any other program out there quite like this.

Proprietary Software Included with The Knowledge Business Blueprint Program Puts This Over the Top

Recognizing that even the most successful entrepreneurs and business owners today aren’t going to be all that eager to undertake this kind of task – putting together a mastermind with potential members from all over the world – on their own without any kind of “infrastructure” in place, Tony and Dean shortcut this objection completely.

They didn’t just include a step-by-step program that shows you EXACTLY how to put together this kind of mastermind.

They didn’t just include a step-by-step program that shows you how to fill and run this kind of mastermind.

They didn’t just include a step-by-step program that shows you how to become a Knowledge Broker and leverage your mastermind to unbelievable success, either.

No. Tony and Dean went above and beyond all of that and totally outdid themselves by including simple and straightforward software (called The Mind Mint Software) to help handle all of the infrastructures for your new mastermind for you completely.

Yes, your reading that correctly.

Not only do you get all of the inside information you need to understand the power of a mastermind, how to fill it with valuable people and run each individual meeting, but you’ll also gain access to proprietary software – not available anywhere else – that essentially handles all of the administration of your new mastermind for you.

This is about as close to “set it and forget it” as you are going to get.

This is what really puts The Knowledge Business Blueprint program over the top!

How to Use The Knowledge Business Blueprint Program to Add to Your Financial Future

Deeper into The Knowledge Business Blueprint program Tony and Dean are going to show you how to use the mastermind group to not only improve your business life, your business decisions, and even your personal life and your personal decisions – but also how to monetize a mastermind group so that you are actually getting paid to take advantage of these “superpowers”, too!

Imagine that for a moment.

Not only are you going to be able to assemble a crack team of entrepreneurs that can help you navigate any challenge you might be bumping up against in your business – an Entrepreneurs Avengers, if you will – but you’re also going to be able to monetize this group so that members are paying YOU to be a part of the process.

Combine that with The Mind Mint Software and the rest of the fundamental components of The Knowledge Business Blueprint program it is easy to see why this is so highly recommended by anyone and everyone that has already gone through it.

The Knowledge Business Blueprint is not cheap but if you have money

to spend this course is worth every penny. Check their website for

more info.


If you’re sick and tired of feeling like you are spinning your wheels as an entrepreneur, like you aren’t quite getting the kind of success you had been hoping for, like you are bumping into problems left and right that you just can’t seem to navigate your own – and want to take your business and your financial future to the next level – you owe it to yourself to see what a mastermind group could do for you.

Check out The Knowledge Business Blueprint program from Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi today.

You won’t regret it.

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