ValuTrades Review: Simplistic Trading

Introduction to ValuTrades

Foreign exchange trading can be very complicated and involved making it something that a novice trader will need to take various educational opportunities in order to be able to maneuver around all of the different tools, platforms, products, and services that the brokers make available not to mention the language that in itself can be challenging.  One brokerage is not about making the trading experience complicated.  They want to provide an arena that is plainly a place for the trader to come and merely trade.  They don’t offer any particular bells or whistles.  They are a simplistic, regulated brokerage service where a trader can come and do their business with security and trust.  This is the business of ValuTrades. 

ValuTrades Limited was formerly known as Monex Capital.  They are a subsidiary of the Indonesian forex broker Monex Investindo Futures operating under the license Indonesian Futures Trading Regulations Agency (BAPPEBTI).  ValuTrades is based in the United Kingdom and was established in 2012. 

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) strictly sets forth the regulations for the brokerage.  In such, they are obligated to hold 730,000 euros in operational assets to provide financial stability to their clients.  It is stated that client funds will not be used for any purposes other than that as to maintain their positions in the interbank exchange.  All of the client funds are to be kept segregated in a qualified financial institution, e.g. in the United Kingdom they are held in Barclay’s, away from all of the brokerage’s operational money and assets.  In order to ensure that the clients’ money is only used to satisfy the margin requests, ValuTrades is required to submit periodic financial reports as well as have independent audits performed by independent auditors so that they will be transparent within their operations.

ValuTrades is a very basic trading brokerage.  They don’t offer any bonus or incentive for signing on to open an account.  The draw for them is the fact that they are simple.  You know precisely what you are getting. There are no questions. Everything is out in the open, transparent, no hassles or complications.   That is just how it is with every aspect of their operation from their account types to their platforms on to the tools that you use to the way you pay all the way to the trade itself; very straightforward, user-friendly, and no complications.  This has made them popular not just with traders focusing on retail but also institution forex trading. 


Valutrades offers over seventy forex currency pairs, crypto pairs, various metals, and CFDs. They have a single platform in which to trade these instruments, MetaTrader 4, but it supports multiple versions of this platform.


  • MetaTrader 4

A popular platform that allows automated trades and the ability to choose from a variety of expert advisors (EAs) after which you sit back and allow the program to do all of the work for you.  This is the reason traders love this platform so much.  It has over fifty built-in indicators with which you can track the performance of the market, an extensive back-testing arena, an advanced charting package where you can access a chart for every currency pair.

  • MetaTrader MultiTerminal

This will allow you to manage multiple accounts simultaneously.

  •  MetaTrader  4 Valutrades Mobile Trading Platform which is designed for iOS and Android.

All of the platforms are fast and efficient with the performance level including the mobile app.  They are user friendly, laid out in an easy-to-follow way with no complication or hassles to contend with.

VPS servicing is a paid alternative for account balances that go below $1,000 or they can also be offered to traders who are depositing more than $1,000 or have maintained at least ten lots worth of trading volumes per month as a free service. If you are at all worried about safety, these provide an extra level of security for your account information.

Account Types

ValuTrades offers three different account types for their clients to choose from.  Most of their accounts are commission-free with the exception of one.  Their spreads are competitive and the accounts are friendly for either a beginning trader or a professional.

  • Valu Standard

This account is designed more towards the beginner or the retail-type trader.  It allows for trading in micro lots.  The minimum deposit is $100.  It is commission-free.  Leverage will be at 1:400.

  • Valu Raw

Also, designed for the inexperienced or a retail-type trader.  It allows for micro lots and has a deposit minimum of $100.  The commission for this account is $5 per lot.  Leverage is also at 1:400.  If someone puts in a deposit between $20,000 to $100,000 leverage will go to 1:200.

  • Valu VIP

Minimum deposit with this account is $100,000.  VIP is directed more towards high-net-worth traders.  Offers competitive, tight spreads and free VPS hosting.  Latency is super low and the execution is fantastic.  Maximum leverage is at 1:100. 

Deposits and Withdrawals

Clients can use a variety of different methods for deposits and withdrawals, e.g. bankwire, debit or credit card, Qiwi, Neteller, Skrill.  The major missing medium is PayPal. There is only one service to be used for depositing and withdrawing.  All deposits with the exception of bank transfers will be processed in one day.  The withdrawals are known to take some time, but this broker is known to take care of their withdrawals as timely as possible.


ValuTrades for the most part offers commission-free trading with the exception of their Raw account.  With the Raw account, there is a $5 per lot commission but the spread is as low as 0.1 pips minimum.  For the Standard account, spreads are on average 1.2 pips minimum.  The  maximum leverage amount on the Raw and Standard accounts begins to drop down as the equity starts to go up. Spreads for the VIP account average around the 0.8 pips with no commission paid on this account either. As with any brokerage, the spreads can go high in a particularly volatile market session.  The traders have confidence in this brokerage being able to maintain a tight spread on most major currency pairs and commodities.


ValuTrades offers a variety of different training tools for their clients by way of webinars, videos or educational articles on their site.  They also offer demo accounts which will allow traders to try out the platform before they open the real account.  This is beneficial in allowing you to see if you like the platform.  It teaches you how to maneuver your way around the various screens and learn to use the different tools available.  It is absolutely something a new trader should take advantage of.


ValuTrades offers Daily Market Update series, ValueNewsAlert as well as ValuBuilder (powered by TradeWorks) along with an economic calendar.


ValuTrades provides customer support to its clients twenty-four hours a day, seven days per week.  They can be contacted by way of email, telephone or by filling in a web form that will be responded to in a timely fashion.


Retail customers and institutional traders will all find something that will be of benefit for them particularly when they sign on for an account with ValuTraders.  The brokerage has gone above and beyond to be sure that they are well leveraged to cater to the new and the advanced in the trading game and provide resources for those in both categories.  They are a very well-rounded company.


Regulated by the FCA

  •  The strict guidelines enforced by this agency ensures that the client will be able to trade in safety and security having trust that the brokerage they are dealing with is one of the best.MetaTrader 4 is their trading platform which is among the favorites for the trading community. 
  • ValuTraders is able to offer higher leverages than some of its competitors.  This can also be risky for a trader if they aren’t careful. 
  • Accounts are mostly commission-free.  Raw is the only account that requires a $5 commission per lot.  The standard and VIP require no commission and the spreads are competitive.
  • Educational tools are available for both the novice and the professional including the demo account.  This can be used prior to ever signing on for an account.


  • ValuTrades is only regulated in Europe and United Kingdom.
  • There is no live chat option with customer support.  Email and the form could take a little while to get a response.  The telephone takes you out of what you’re doing.  With live chat, you can stay on your screen and in your zone. 
  • PayPal is really popular with folks and ValuTrades doesn’t use it.
  • Having just one platform is rather limiting themselves.  There may be some clients out there who aren’t crazy about MetaTrader 4.  


All in all, for the ease that ValuTrades offers; considering no hassles, no complications, this is perfect.  It is very user-friendly and not a lot of choices that you need to be bothered with.  This is the type of brokerage where a client can just go in and trade.  There is no weeding that needs to be done.  It’s just plain and simple.  Sometimes that’s the best way to do business.

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