Wawanesa Insurance Review 2019

Introduction to Wawanesa Insurance

Wawanesa Insurance is an old insurance company but weirdly enough, not a lot of people are aware of its services. The company started out way back in 1896 in Wawanesa, Manitoba Canada. Back then, it was nothing but a farmer’s mutual insurer where they provided insurance coverage for farms and crops. Over the years, the company advanced and expanded its insurance services to meet the constantly changing needs in the market. At the moment, Wawanesa Insurance is operating as a subsidiary of one of the largest insurers in Canada, The Wawanesa Mutual Insurance Company of Canada.

Wawanesa Insurance extended its services to the United States in 1975. They opened two branches one in San, Diego California which also serves as their US headquarters and the other in Oregon.

One of the reasons why not so many people know about this insurer is because they rarely do commercials. Wawanesa Insurance operates as a direct marketing company. This basically means that they don’t rely on independent insurance agents or chain insurers to get clients.

Wawanesa Insurance also claims that the lack of aggressive advertising is one of the reasons why they manage to offer insurance covers at very competitive premiums. Since they don’t spend a lot of money on commercials or hiring celebrities, their operating costs are reduced significantly which enables them to offer coverages with better premiums.

Wawanesa Insurance Products

California and Oregon residents can source different coverages from this insurer. These include:


Wawanesa Insurance offers decent auto-insurance covers. They provide coverage for bodily injury, liability and comprehensive and collision coverage. All their auto-insurance policies are also provided on a term of 6-months. This should be beneficial to individuals with either accidents or tickets because the likelihood of the premiums dropping is slightly higher.

They also have optional policies such as uninsured motorist and emergency roadside assistance coverage.

Another reason that Wawanesa auto-insurance is enticing is the variety of deductibles available for their clients. You can choose deductibles starting as low as $100 going all the way $2,500. The company will also allow you to make the payments in full, on monthly basis or two pay. An installment fee will be assessed if you don’t pay in full.

Wawanesa’s auto insurance covers will also come with something they call Claim Service Guarantee. This serves as a guarantee of the workmanship of all claim repairs that are done through the repair shops they recommend. They don’t prevent you from choosing your own repair shop though but you will lose eligibility for the Claim Service Guarantee if you do so.

The downside with Wawanesa auto-insurance is that qualification requirement is very strict. Don’t even bother applying for their auto insurance if you have more than one point on your MVR. Also, if you have had two or more at-fault accidents in the past 3 years, your application will definitely be denied!

As you can see, Wawanesa goes for the very best drivers and hence not a lot of people can qualify for their covers.

Homeowners Insurance

Wawanesa homeowners insurance covers replacement costs for up to 150% of the coverage limit. They protect your home and structures, personal property, personal liability and medical payments to other people injured in your home.

You can also add their optional coverages including scheduled property, increased limits, credit cards, earthquake coverages among many others. They also provide covers protecting you against underground wires and pipes, electronic circuitry impairment etc.

The terms under Homeowners Insurance are also a bit strict. Some of the factors that they will take into account before approving your application for this policy are the current state of your home, your claim history and the proximity of your home to bushfire prone areas.

Renters Insurance

The renters insurance offers the replacement cost on content and not cash value. Some of the coverages offered here include personal liability, personal property coverage, medical payment to other people, and loss of use.

Some people increase their renters insurance coverage by adding coverage on expensive personal properties and earthquakes.

Condominium Insurance

Condominium Insurance provides special coverage for your dwelling and replacement cost on different contents. It also offers inflation guard that boosts your policy limits enabling them to match with your home’s current replacement cost.

Condominium Insurance provides different coverages on a dwelling, loss of use, personal property, medical payments, and personal liability. You can also take optional coverages on a scheduled property, increased limits, credit cards, earthquake, loss assessment coverage etc.

Identity Theft

Wawanesa also provides covers against identity theft. If you become a victim of identity theft, they will cover the costs of a personal advocate who will see you through the entire case. They’ll also give you free credit and fraud monitoring for at least one year.

Wawanesa Discounts

Auto-insurance from Wawanesa provides the insured with a wide variety of options in terms of deductibles. This makes the policies affordable to a lot of people. In addition to that, they offer different discount programs that will drop the premiums even further.

Auto Insurance Discounts

Insure more than one car and you’ll receive significant discounts. You can also bundle your auto insurance with your home insurance to receive a multi-policy discount.

Some of the other potential discounts here include mature driver improvement course discount, driver training discount, and multi-car discount. 

Homeowners Discounts

You will easily save a lot of cash under Homeowners insurance by installing security protection devices. You’ll need to set up burglar alarm, water alarm, and sprinkler systems to qualify for this discount. Non-smoking homeowners may also qualify for extra discounts.

Renters Discounts

Your premiums will be discounted if your home is in a gated community. You will also get other discounts for installing smoke or fire alarms, fire extinguishers, and deadbolt locks.

Condominium Discounts

All condominium covers will be discounted if you install home protection and security protection discounts.

If you take more than one insurance cover from Wawanesa e.g. a Renters and auto insurance, you’ll be eligible for multi-policy discounts. Also, Wawanesa has a loyalty program that will save you some cash if you stay covered with their policies for more than one year.

How Can I get a Wawanesa Insurance Policy?

You can get a quote on all the insurance products offered by Wawanesa through their website. You can also talk to one of their agents who will help you to get the best policy and choose the right deductibles where applicable. After receiving all the relevant information and making your decision, you can apply for the cover online or you can contact their agents to take you through the process.

All claims are also submitted online.

Bottom Line

Wawanesa Insurance covers are a good option for the residents of Oregon and California. They have solid financial backing and their premium rates are also very competitive. Unfortunately, not a lot of people can qualify for their best covers. For instance, if you have racked up several tickets and your MVR isn’t pleasing, it’s almost guaranteed that you won’t qualify for their auto-insurance covers.

Remember to take the quotes from Wawanesa Insurance and compare them against the other insurers before making your final decision.

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