What are the 3 best payday loans companies in Idaho?

Introduction to payday lending companies in Idaho

When it comes to beautiful and influential states in the United States, one state that often gets overlooked is Idaho. Of course, it’s not as if Idaho necessarily wants the attention, but the state is known as “The Gem State” for a reason – it boasts a lot of natural beauty. For those that do not know, it is located in the Pacific Northwest, and certainly isn’t known for its cities or its population as much as for its overall landscapes and pastures.

The land there is quite mountainous, which is different from many other states that might be focused on commercial and economic development. In fact, the United States Forest Service holds about 38% of Idaho’s land, which is the most of any state. The total state population is 1.7 million, which is less than many large cities in the country, and even the world. The state has a rich history, and it is thought that humans could have potentially even lived in the area as long ago as 14,000 years, according to various evidence from excavations.

Of course, it doesn’t matter what state that you live in, economic activity is necessary for survival and prosperity. Idaho is particularly known for the manufacturing and agricultural sectors.

When it comes to payday loans in Idaho, there are several potential options. Of course, it is understandable that one might find themselves in a bit of a bind, whether it is for personal or professional reasons. Here are some payday loans in Idaho options that one might want to consider.

Check Into Cash

Check Into Cash is an experienced loan provider that might have exactly what you need, and it is open from Monday through Saturday. Unfortunately, if you need cash on a Sunday, it might have to wait, or you may have to start considering another option if it is an emergency. However, if you do not want to go to a store, you can apply online for a loan.

Check Into Cash has some great customer reviews, with many praising its convenience and customer service. It is important to note that one has to be 18 years old and have proof of income to qualify. In addition, Check Into Cash does require ID, social security number, and checking account information. The company was founded in 1999, meaning that you are also benefiting from its two decades of experience in the sector. This might help when it comes to feeling better about a payday loan with some customers, who feel like experience is a good metric to use in terms of reputation.

One of the benefits of Check Into Cash is that they even offer a prepaid Visa card and some locations also offer Western Union services. This makes it a great one-stop shop for all of your payday loan in Idaho needs, and is certainly an option to keep in mind.


Everyone might need a payday loan from time to time, and often time, you might simply looking for a company that has the most reasonable terms. Lendnation can be a great option for you in this case, as many have rated it highly in terms of how it chooses to business with customers. The company has an incredible amount of experience with over 30 years in business, so they are obviously doing something right!

While it might not be for everyone, Lendnation also offers title loans, for those who are looking to offer collateral for capital. There are also installment loans available, as well. The Lendnation website even has a convenient “rates chart” to make sure that their customers understand how the loans work, as well. 

If you are approved, you can have the money in as soon as one day. There are over a dozen Lendnation locations in Idaho, so this is a great option for many Idaho residents who need a quick cash infusion, whether they are in between jobs or simply are in a situation where they need more cash than they usually do.

Cash Store

Cash Store is great for anyone who wants a payday loan in Idaho. It doesn’t matter if you simply need a couple hundred dollars, thousand dollars, or more, there are many options for you here at the cash store. For example, they also offer title loans, which is great for individuals who might need more cash than they believed. Of course, it is important to note that this also means that assets must be given up as collateral, which is something that every individual has to consider before actually agreeing to the loan.

If you do want an auto equity loan, you can obtain up to $20,000. Similarly, if you want installment loans, you can get up to $3,000. There are obviously different situations where one might be better than the other, and it’s up to you to decide. Either way, it’s good to know that Cash Store can handle each situation and cater to each customer.

One of the great things about Cash Store is that you can pick up the cash the same day! This is a considerable feature when you think about the fact that there are many loan agencies that only provide the money the next day. However, it should be noted that Cash Store in Idaho Falls is not that close by to public transportation. This is obviously not too beneficial to those who don’t have a car, and should be considered.


There are many people that might not consider Idaho an economic hub, but the truth is that many cities, like Idaho Falls, are rejuvenating in terms of overall economy and industry. Either way, it doesn’t matter where you live – a payday loan can be the large difference that comes during an important time in your life. There are many situations where you can imagine that some extra cash comes in handy.

For example, if you are a single parent, and you lose your job – you might be concerned about where your next check is coming from. Of course, in order to obtain a new job – this will take a considerable amount of time and effort. You may need a payday loan for a babysitter to look after your child while you go on job interviews. Without this money, it might be extremely hard to figure out your future if you don’t have friends or family that can watch your child. In this manner, a payday loan can truly make a difference. If you are a qualified worker, it is likely that you will be able to get a new job and pay the payday loan in Idaho back, and thus, the short-term crisis is resolved.

There are many places to obtain payday loans in Idaho, but Check into Cash, Lendnation, and Cash Store, all are places that many customers seem to trust. It is important to check the hours and locations of the various loaning agencies to find out what might work the best for you. It’s also important to look up where exactly the businesses are if you do not have a car to drive directly to the business.

It’s also important to have a number in mind of how much cash that you need, and to read the terms of the loan to make sure that it is reasonable. If the terms are reasonable, you then have to make sure that you can actually pay the loan back. After all, there is no point in obtaining a payday loan in Idaho that you cannot pay back, as this might even lead to more overall stress with regards to your financial situation.

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